Comfort Zone by Camy Tang

So, yesterday I joined my church’s missions committee. It was something totally out of the blue. I was sitting in service listening to a missionary talk about the work he and his family have done in Japan for the last several years, and I suddenly felt God nudging me to join the missions committee.

It was weird because 1) I honestly already have too much to do, since I’m on the Sunday worship team and working with the youth group every Saturday night, and 2) I hadn’t had any interest in the missions committee before yesterday. It wasn’t even a blip on my radar. But it was pretty clear to me while I was sitting in the pew that God wanted me to join the missions committee. Even my husband was shocked when I told him about it, but since it was God talking to me, well, He must have a reason for it.

What’s most interesting to me is how much God has changed what I care about in the past few months. Several months ago, I clearly heard God telling me that He wanted me to write my latest book specifically for the non-Christians in Japan. Since then, I’ve started being more interested in my ethnic culture, whereas I hadn’t had much interest in it at all for most of my life. I’ve also been more interested in missionaries to Japan, of which our church has several. So I guess being interested in the missions committee is a natural extension of that new interest.

I think this new interest in these things is from God because of what He wants me to do with my fiction writing. He steered me in a new direction and now He’s opening my curiosity to things with a passion and fervor I hadn’t had before. I’m really enjoying what I’m learning and stepping outside my comfort zone.

I think I’ve always been afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone because I always assumed it would be very uncomfortable. The idea of doing new things is uncomfortable, but actually doing those things is nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. And I’ve found myself changing so that doing these new things isn’t as difficult as they would have been only a year ago.

All that to say, I want to encourage you to think about things that are outside your comfort zone. It might be scary to consider, but God does watch over us. I’ve been surprisingly pleased and excited about what’s happening in my life and the new directions I’m going. I can’t guarantee that would be the same for you, but God does want us to serve Him with a joyful heart. And right now, unexpectedly, my heart is overflowing with excitement.

About Camy Tang/Camille Elliot

Camy writes romantic suspense as Camy Tang and Regency romance as USA Today bestselling author Camille Elliot. She is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads one of the Sunday worship teams. Visit her websites at and to read free short stories and subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.
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4 Responses to Comfort Zone by Camy Tang

  1. Sally Shupe says:

    Wonderful post, Camy! And God will be with you every step of the way. The thing about stepping out of your comfort zone, God’s already prepared you. You just haven’t realized it until you do it. When I felt God nudging me to learn to play bass with the worship team at church, the pastor asked if anyone wanted to play. Nobody came forward. This went on for weeks. Finally I said, ok if he asks again and nobody steps up, I’ll do it. Well, nobody stepped up. I figured out how to play notes by youtube and God. Now, for those that know me, I am a very shy introvert. I’ll do anything as long as I can stay in the background. lol. Now, I was up front where everybody could see me. But you know what? I was so busy worshiping and singing the songs, I didn’t pay attention to the people in the congregation. I’ll be praying for you, Camy!


  2. So very cool. I love it when the presents a bend in the road. 🙂


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