Christmas in October! by Tara Randel

Christmas in October? Absolutely.

I’m thrilled to announce the release of A HEARTWARMING CHRISTMAS. This holiday season, warm your heart with 12 connected sweet holiday romances set in Christmas Town, Maine from 12 Harlequin Heartwarming authors who are USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. A Heartwarming Christmas will bring you laughter, tears, and happily-ever-after.

If you love wholesome romance stories, why not treat yourself to an early Christmas gift?

My story, AN UNEXPECTED GIFT, is Novella 1 in Book 3: Gifts of the Heart. Three siblings will get Christmas gifts they least expect, but want more than anything, as well as rejoining the family.

An Unexpected Gift_Tara Randel

In AN UNEXPECTED GIFT, gift shop manager Faith Sullivan is resigned to never leaving Christmas Town, until world-traveler Drew Montgomery walks into her life. Together they search for Drew’s past, but will the quest lead them to love? They soon discover that Christmas gifts hold special surprises for those who are meant to be together.

I had a great time writing this story. The characters jumped off the page and became as big as life for me. Setting the story in Christmas Town was a dream come true. And working with my fellow Heartwarming authors? Priceless. I hope you enjoy reading about Faith and Drew as much as I enjoyed telling their story.

Here’s an excerpt: (Faith and Drew are unpacking ornaments in her family gift shop, Comfort and Joy)

Thirty minutes passed as Faith worked alongside Drew. They worked well together, which surprised her. His hands weren’t the least bit clumsy when handling the fine decorations.
“Have you done this before?” she asked in a teasing tone.
“First time.”
“You’re a pro.”
She removed the empty carton and carried it to the back door. She kept the boxes for deliveries, folding them and placing them on a designated shelf for later use. She carried out the last box, looking for Drew when she got to the counter. He stood by the ornament display they’d just shelved, holding an exquisite snowflake-designed ornament in the air.
“Do you like that one?”
He nodded, his gaze still on the glass. “You’ll laugh when I tell you why.”
“I’ve heard it all. Try me.”
He walked her way, still holding the ornament. “They say no two snowflakes are the same.” Catching her gaze, he held it for long moments. “This reminds me of you.”
Tears prickled behind her lids. No one had ever told her one of the ornaments she carefully selected reminded them of her. She blinked furiously, hoping Drew didn’t notice.
“That’s very nice of you to say.”
“And very true.” He spun on his heel to face the store. “Everything about this place is special. You set up the train village for the kids to enjoy. You order one-of-a-kind ornaments. Offer hot cocoa. You even smell like Christmas.”
Embarrassed, Faith cleared her throat to cover. “Clearly you’re caught up in the season.”
Drew put the ornament back in its place. “This year I am.”

99 cents!

A Heartwarming Christmas

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