Awards by Tara Randel

Writing can often be a solitary endeavor. Getting lost in the story lines and adventures of our characters is a joy to create. I know I always want to give the readers a journey they’ll never forget. But how do I know when a reader enjoys my book?

Unless I receive reviews, I can’t be sure. Now reviews are tricky things. Of course authors like it when reviewers leave a nice comment. But I love to hear from readers, too. Getting an email from a reader who truly appreciates my book makes my day.

So when I found out this weekend that my Harlequin Heartwarming book, Honeysuckle Bride, received the 2015 ACRW Readers Choice Heart of Excellence Award in Long & Short Contemporary, I was thrilled. To me it’s more than an honor. It’s validation that the hours I spend plotting and planning and laboring over the keyboard means something. I don’t intentionally look for accolades, but when I get them, I rejoice. God has given me a talent that I will always use to my full potential. Getting this award is a reminder that as much as I love to write, people like to read my books.



If you have a dream, go for it. If God is leading you in a new direction, grasp His hand and run into your destiny. Not everyone wants to be a writer, but whatever is in your heart, give it a try. There will be plenty of trial and error, but once you reach your goal, there isn’t any better feeling.

And the most important thing I’ve learned along the way? Give God the glory!

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