The Names of God by Tara Randel


I recently started reading a book about the names of God. It made me sit back and contemplate just how awesome our living God is.

We all have ups and downs in life, struggle through circumstances or long for the desires of our hearts. How comforting to know that God has a name for every single need we have in this life. I find security and trust knowing God is available to me. All I have to do is call His name.

He is Almighty, powerful, has authority and is filled with splendor. He is Sovereign. He is everything I need and, best of all, longs to have a personal relationship with me. He is my redeemer. He is everlasting and my king. He is faithful. True. My rock and my salvation. My comfort, my peace, my healer.

And in all things I give Him honor and praise.

I could very easily add to this list of names, but I wanted to focus on three that struck me.

First is Yahweh. To be or to exist. I AM. Completely set apart. This name was regarded so holy that the Jewish people would not spell it out in its entirety, nor would they speak it out loud. It is the name God gave us to remember him throughout all generations.

The next is Elohim. Lord God. More God than any other gods. Strong Mighty. Worshipped above all.

Adonai. Great Master. Total obedience is His rightful due. He watches over me, I am protected by God. He is the authority.

I believe the more we know God, discover how vast and myriad are His names, we come into a deeper relationship with Him. A deeper understanding of who He is. The more I learn about Him, the more I can’t help falling deeper in love.

My prayer is that you take some time out of your day and think about the wonderful names of God. You can’t help but coming away more amazed by Him.

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