Hallowed Halls 2000

I’m skipping the advice for the lovelorn for the remainder of the year–since this is my final post for the year. Today I’d like to give you a gift that will take very little effort to receive. It’s a book, of course. I happen to have several dozen giveaway copies of Hallowed Halls, the first novel in my Hallowed Halls Series. I’d love to share them with you if you enjoy reading Christian romance set in a small town with a medical theme. Let me describe this novel in more detail:

When Dr. Joy Gilbert is fired from a lucrative position in the city, she returns to her hometown along the Missouri River to find her former fiance, Zack, still single; her once vivacious mother, Molly, struggling financially and physically; and Tressa, the 15-year-old daughter of the boss who just fired Joy, popping out the back door of Joy’s SUV.

Tressa refuses to return to the city, where her divorced parents continue to battle in the aftermath of her brother’s unexplained death. Though the girl’s rebellion threatens Joy’s career, that threat means nothing when it appears Tressa’s life, as well, could be in danger.

Will Joy and Zack be able to work together again in time to safe Tressa’s life?

After more than thirty novels with traditional publishing, this is my first offering from Hannah Alexander Books, and it’s been a story on my heart for several years.

All you need to do to receive this book in the mail is contact me at askhannah@hannahalexander.com and mention this blog and give me your mailing address. I promise you will receive nothing more unless you sign up to receive notice whenever I have a new novel released. I will never share your address with others. If you enjoy the novel, I would love it, of course, if you wish to write a quick review, but I know how busy life gets sometimes, and word of mouth is just great. Tell your friends about a book you read, or share the book with others. I’ll be sending these free copies as long as I have any left, so give yourself a gift for Christmas. You may also read more about other books the Hannah Alexander husband-wife writing team has written at http://www.HannahAlexander.com

Merry Christmas, and may the next year bring you closer to Christ than ever before.

With Love,

Hannah Alexander


About alexanderhodde

I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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6 Responses to A GIFT TO YOU THIS CHRISTMAS by Hannah Alexander

  1. Amy says:

    Wow! Thank you!


  2. Glenda Alexander says:

    Thank you! Looking forward to receiving the Hallowed Hall!


  3. Rebecca B says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I would love to read Hallowed Hallows. I love Christian Suspense. It looks really good and I love reading books that take place around my area.


  4. Lynn Grier says:

    I would love to read and post your book. Thanks for the chance


  5. D K Stevens says:

    Sounds like a great Christian Suspense.. I’m sure I’d like it ! !


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