What to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving by Elizabeth Goddard

goddard-LR-2 (2)For my post, I decided to write up a list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The posts on the topic floating around the internet must be in the thousands, I’m sure. Why not join the numbers?


But first I needed to do my research. Research, you ask, on things for which I should be thankful? The list should be easy enough to write, and while my list will be similar to everyone’s list, it will also be unique for me.
Still I wanted to read articles listing, in general, things for which we should be thankful on Thanksgiving. The articles I found were humorous and others serious, as one might expect. But most lists were generally too broad to be all-inclusive. Lists included the usual gratefulness for the abundance of food, shelter, clothing and health. But then there was something on a list I realized that I can’t say I’m thankful for because I don’t have it.
Then I started to think about all the people who don’t have enough food. Or are living under a bridge. What about those who are not in good health? What does their list look like?
Yes, I believe we should give thanks to the Giver of all good gifts, and for all our many blessings. But creating this list made me want to dig deeper for those who are hurting this Thanksgiving. For those who might stare at an empty table—lacking food or friends and family.
Thanksgiving is about much more than giving thanks when everything is going well, or giving thanks for the good things. It’s about a change in attitude—having a thankful heart.


“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18



That’s one of those scriptures that can be tough to swallow sometimes. But if you do this, it can change your heart and change your outlook on life—through the hard times. So everything bad is happening on the outside, but on the inside, if you have a grateful heart, it will change your life in ways you can’t imagine. And then you can change the world.
But how does one get a grateful heart, a thankful heart? You can’t just conjure one if you don’t have one. The answer is simple enough. You ask the One to whom you should be thankful, to give you a thankful heart. Then you start giving thanks. Just do it. The physical first, and then the spiritual.
I came across this article that expresses what I’m saying so much more eloquently: Give Thanks in Everything
In the meantime, if you are struggling or suffering this Thanksgiving, I pray that God will bless you with great favor and most importantly, He will change your heart so that you can experience true joy even in the midst of trials and suffering.


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