Limited Time Only Sale Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

I’m often asked to endorse novels and/or nonfiction books, workshops, seminars and products.  I’ve been extremely selective in doing so for all the usual reasons.  Recently however the Ultimate Christian Living bundle folks approached me with their collection.  And since so many have been in touch about challenges in their careers, families, and lives as Christians, I decided that this offering could be helpful and I would let you know it exists in case you’re interested.

It includes works on these very subjects by Gary Chapman, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Tony Evans and Ray Comfort, by D.L. Moody, Jonathon Edwards, John Wesley or Spurgeon, Calvin, Finney and Tozer.  Here’s a bit of what the sponsors have to say:

“… we approached dozens of authors and multiple publishers and asked them if we could bundle together all these resources—nearly $1,000 worth!—in one place for one stunningly low price of just $34.95 (PDF version) and $39.95 (eReader version), FOR 5 DAYS ONLY.

We asked for big concessions and they gave them…savings in excess of 96%! But it’s just for five days. And then it’s gone.

And just to pack in even more value, we’ve persuaded 5 of our bonus partners like Dayspring to provide FREE bonus gifts to every one who buys a bundle. With a combined value of over $160, these bonuses are over 4 times the value of the bundle alone!

That’s right, you get over $1,140 worth of some of the greatest thinking and experience from Christian leaders on topics ranging from marriage and parenting to finance, fitness and business. From relationships and faith, to daily devotionals and children’s books and music.”


As you well know, we’re in troubling times and it seems that this collection of diverse and relevant resources could be beneficial.

If you’re interested in reading more on this or in ordering a bundle, here’s a link:  Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

As you read above, this is a limited time sale, so if you want it, don’t linger.  I think there are two more days for it to be available.







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