Do You Want Restoration? Or Relief? by James L. Rubart

It’s been a tough year. Tree goes through house, living out of a hotel, dealing with insurance, contractors, mortgage company, wife going through PTSD, youngest graduates from high school and heads off to college (hello empty nesters) … you get the picture.

In the midst of the above, a friend of mine asked a penetrating question: When life is tough, and the end of the day comes, do you seek restoration? Or relief?


The truth is I seek relief far more than restoration. Relief comes from flipping on the tube, going to a movie, grabbing that extra chocolate chip cookie. Those things DO bring relief. Temporarily. But not restoration.

Restoration comes from sitting in silence and solitude. From reading a book that draws us into the deep places of our soul. From immersing ourselves in music that sends our spirits to the Lord.


But getting restored is much harder than getting relief. I understand that, believe me, I understand it.

Just wanted to let you know I’m struggling just like you to choose restoration over relief. But today, just today, let’s choose restoration.

As Paul says, it’s a race, and we want to run well.

About James L. Rubart

Husband, Dad, Author, Speaker
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