Words, Words, Words

Have you ever wondered what there is left to say? The words I write every day are the outgrowth of a yearning to express something lasting, something meaningful, entertaining, special. As God spoke creation into being, his breath stirred creative wonder within us. He gave us the ability to imagine and the desire to share our imaginings.

Rene Descartes said, “Cogito ergo sum.” I think, therefore I am. There’s no denying God has imbued every individual with a unique perspective and experience, and myriads choose to express it through written words. I love to teach aspiring writers, to see the energy and hope, the joy in the journey. I love to impart skills and encourage tenacity. I urge all of us to strive for excellence in expressing the stories we’re given to write.

Stories have power and purpose. They have the power to change lives–for good or ill.

But now it seems the literary world is inundated with words–EVERYONE with something to say and the avenue to say it, with or without the basic tenets of our language, the resonance of words used well–or correctly. And even with things written well, there’s the repetition, the repetition, the repetition. How many times can the tropes be rehashed in mind-numbing redundancy? In the immortal words of the Grinch, when is it all just noise, noise, noise?

Sometimes I think quiet might be very, very nice.

But then, there’s that flicker inside, that spark that ignites imagination, that unfurling of dialogue wanting a page. There are the characters finding substance in a scene and, always, the agony of the untold story.

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6 Responses to Words, Words, Words

  1. Shelly says:

    As long as God has your heart and your ear, your words will flow with originality. Your words will rise above the clamor. The lyric that separates itself from the noise. Several of your books make their home in mine,one in particular awaits my attention. My life has not been my own and for two years it has waited. I refuse to read it until I can immerse myself in it. I know the wait is well worth it.I know this because He does have your heart as well as your ear.The voice of God echos through your stories and changes lives.


  2. guriausa says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It might also be redundant to hear one more person say your books are such a blessing. However, just like writing, I can’t help but do so! 🙂


  3. Jackie Drake says:

    There are words…and then there are words! Your words definitely rise above all that clamors for attention in our culture. Please continue to share with us the creative words God has instilled in you.


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