Too Perfect by Hannah Alexander



I’m here at ICRS enjoying old friends and meeting new ones. If you haven’t heard of ICRS, it’s an international Christian retailer’s convention. Today I slung on all the bling I could wear to garner attention, then took my place at a signing booth. I guess the bling worked. I had an honest to goodness line! That never happens when I’m at a book signing back home, but then, people come here from all over the world to get free books. Back at the bookstores at home people are expected to buy my books. Here, the stuff is given away. It’s a reader’s heaven.

The signing was fun, seeing all those people who wanted to read my novel, but a problem arose that I could do nothing about. They say horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. I’m apparently a racehorse. It was horribly humiliating to drip so badly in response to the humidity that followed me from home. The bling I was wearing attracted everyone walking into the convention center, but when they got close, there was no missing the droplets coursing down my face and dripping from my hair. My eyeglasses were even steaming. Ick. I guess looks didn’t matter to them. No one declined when my publicist told us to draw close for a photo shoot.

After the signing I remarked to my publicist how embarrassing it was to break into a drenching sweat in front of all those people. She said she once fell down three stair-steps of chairs in front of a huge audience. She posted online about it the next day. You know what? People like us to have flaws. Especially if we’re being honored publicly in some way, tripping over our own feet or smiling with spinach on our teeth or dripping sweat lets everyone know that, even though we might be selected for something special, we’re still human. It’s true. I feel more comfortable with people who are as imperfect as I am.

I have a good friend who has a PhD in theology. She takes classes online and learns new things every day. Last night she helped me develop a gorgeous cover for my next novel. But she’s not perfect. She doesn’t figure numbers in her head. I love that about her, because being around someone too perfect can make me feel a little too flawed. I know how flawed I am, but it isn’t fun to have it rubbed in. I like my friends with flaws. So maybe sometimes it’s our flaws who draw people to us. You think?

This armadillo in the picture might have a hard shell on top, but he has a furry, tender underbelly. We all have a weak spot somewhere. Sometimes it helps to show those weak places to others. Not always, but sometimes.



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I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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6 Responses to Too Perfect by Hannah Alexander

  1. Judy Bowman says:

    It would have been fun to be at the convention. Dorothy and I went to one in Boston several years ago. You can imagine how heavy our luggage was for the return trip.


  2. Jackie Smith says:

    You (and other faves of mine) were in Atlanta?!?!? I am 90 miles East of Atlanta…..wish I could have seen you all! However, I am thrilled that I finally found your book (CD) today as I went further from home to a K Mart……could not find at any Walmart stores I visit. Can’t wait to read it!

    Those “armos”……..are real pests to us…..really mess up a lawn!


  3. Judy, next time you go to a convention, look for a nearby UPS shop. They’re usually onsite, and it makes things a WHOLE lot easier to collect all the books you can! I know how much you enjoy reading, so I can imagine how heavy those suitcases were. Amazing you didn’t break your back. God bless you for all the library work you do so others can read, as well.


  4. Jackie, how frustrating! However, getting onto the floor would have been impossible, unfortunately. This convention only allows booksellers in–and publishers, etc. It would have cost hundreds to get in, I’m sorry to say. I’d love it if they opened to the public, and maybe someday they will. THAT would be something to see!


  5. Just found this and it made me smile. Totally agree about the flaws. Isn’t that funny how we are? And it made me grin to read about your friend. It does make her less intimidating, doesn’t it? Loved having dinner with all of you at ICRS!


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