Iodine: A Break From the Usual by Hannah Alexander


This is a break in our regularly scheduled post on romance to make a special report on your health, my health, the health of a majority of people in the world, and I think I can get away with it because, not only do I write about romance, but I write about medicine. Please bear with me, because this is something that might very well affect you.

I recently read that in the last century, an erroneous report was given by some so-called scientists who stated that iodine was bad for our health. Because of this error, the iodine that was used as an agent in commercially baked bread was switched to bromide. Gradually our cars, our clothing, our households were mixed with bromide as a fire retardant. Did you know that in 1994 Canada banned bromide from the country? In 1990, England had already done so. But us? The FDA didn’t see a problem, so we are still being inundated with bromide, which is a poison to our systems. We’re eating it, living in it, sleeping in it, breathing it every day. Thanks, FDA.

I, however, have recently discovered what to do about that. For the past 17 years I’ve struggled mightily against various physical problems that mystified me. First I had food allergies, then I developed fibromyalgia, in which the pain and fatigue were so great I was unable to function without narcotic pain killers–something I hope to soon stop taking. You must surely know someone who is struggling with some kind of weird illness that has come out of nowhere, and has changed their lives. Maybe that person is you or a loved one.

My husband can tell you I’m always willing to be a human guinea pig for him, for our patients at the clinic, for my own healing. My friend, Colleen Coble, who is always researching new ways to treat her own symptoms and sharing them with others–what a wonderful friend–shared her new treatment plan to several of us. This plan is the addition of iodine to our diets–but it takes more than just iodine alone. You see, when bromide replaced iodine in our bread, and when bromide was used as a fire retardant, our bodies were purged of the necessary iodine we need. The bromide became so powerful in our bodies that the iodine was forced out. When this happened incidents of breast cancer increased, prostate cancer, in fact, many kinds of cancers increased, and we were left desperately seeking an answer. No one realized, in the 70s, that bromide flushed our much-needed iodine from our bodies and set us up for a myriad of thyroid related illnesses.

Every cell in our bodies needs iodine, and we weren’t getting it. Oh, sure, a tiny fraction of iodine was added to our salt, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Millions of people developed symptoms, particularly hypothyroidism, which meant our thyroids didn’t have enough iodine to keep them working properly, and our bodies began losing the ability to control weight. Notice our overweight people? Maybe you shouldn’t blame them. All this weight increase began after iodine was yanked from our bodies.

Since Colleen convinced me to start an iodine protocol–I desperately want OFF my narcotics–I had only been taking the supplement Iodoral for two days when I found my energy again. A week later, my pain–which was constant until then–just didn’t return one morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t even think about it, I stopped taking the majority of my narcs all at once. Bad idea. I ended up with some good research about what a drug addict goes through in withdrawal.

Because the addition of iodine in the form of Iodoral (easier on the stomach than regular iodine) begins to force bromides from the system, our bodies begin a toxin dump, which will make us feel worse for a while. Of course, I was dealing not only with that, but with nasty withdrawal symptoms from stopping my narcotics so suddenly. I got so sick I couldn’t take my iodine or the supplements needed to go with it, and my fatigue eventually came back, my pain returned, and I had to restart the narcotics–a personal failure for me.

I asked Colleen what I was doing wrong, and she lovingly kicked my butt for trying to go cold turkey off my narcs. She also explained that sea salt water and extra water is vital to detox the system of bromide, heavy metals and other toxins, so that was what I needed to do first. I now take up to a couple of teaspoons of sea salt (must be sea salt, unrefined) in water throughout the day, followed by more fresh water. I take Iodoral in the morning (my dose is 12.5 mg, but others are much higher, depending on how much one needs to get healthy) along with 200 mcg of selenium, as much vitamin C as my body can handle without upsetting my digestion (2,000 to 4,000 mg) and others take zinc and B vitamins, vitamin A, etc. I take a vitamin/mineral supplemental powder from Life Extension to ensure I have the support I need without getting confused about the supplements. At first I couldn’t take that because I was so sick, but now I can. I have a lot of detoxing to go, but this is working.

If you do this, I highly advise going to yahoogroups and finding an iodine support group that will walk you through this. There aren’t any iodine educated docs in our area, but Mel, my husband, the hunk on the picture, is learning now. He’s traditionally trained as a Doctor of Osteopathy, worked as an ER doc for 22 years, and now runs our clinic here in town. He, too, is doing the iodine protocol, and is mentioning it to his patients, as well.

If you’re interested, look up Dr. David Brownstein online. He’s one of the docs helping pioneer the iodine march, and he has a lot to say.

Please take my words into consideration. Please think about it. Iodine is vital to our bodies, and we simply don’t get enough. It’s an epidemic all over the world. We could be much healthier than we are, and I, for one, am desperate to get off my narcotics and other supportive meds and get on with life. How about you?


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I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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2 Responses to Iodine: A Break From the Usual by Hannah Alexander

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    Wow, this is great. I am always so thankful to learn more ways to be healthier. I try to eat right, exercise (as much as my pained body allows), and take supplements. I had perfect health until
    1 1/2 yr. ago when I developed sacrum/buttocks/pelvic pain and well as my legs…been seeing pain doctor and now a PT. Perhaps I should try the iodine supplement…to relieve my pain.


  2. Jackie, I read stories from people who had the same kind of pain you do, and iodine did help them. I’m not saying it helps everyone, but it’s SO worth the attempt, since we need iodine anyway. I’d say to do it right, join an online group that discusses the protocol.


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