Dream, Destiny, Or Both? by Tara Randel

When I was growing up, I loved to read, but never had the inclination to become a creative writer. I went to college to be a dental hygienist, and while I wouldn’t say a job in dentistry was my dream, I liked the work and looked at helping patients as my destiny.

At the first office I worked in, I met another fellow reader. We’d exchange books and discuss the story lines. One day, my friend uttered these famous words, “We can write a book.” How many times have you heard someone you know make the same claim? Probably multiple times. And truth be told, I was intrigued.

So, not having a clue what a writing career entailed, I dove in. I read books about the craft of writing, as well as the business of writing. Soon, I was actually typing words on a blank page. And while those pages were far from Pulitzer worthy, I began a journey that started as a dream and turned into my destiny.

I now write full-time. The road wasn’t easy. I took workshops. Joined writer groups. Spent hours coming up with plot lines and characters. All while working in the business my husband and I own and raising my daughters. My overnight success took nine years to achieve. And still, I worked part-time even though I couldn’t shake the idea that there was more to the writing career than I knew.

My point is, go after your dream because it can become your destiny! God has given each of us a talent and a purpose. Sometimes we know what the talent is, other time it sneaks up on you, just like the idea of being published came to me. Trust me, during the times when I couldn’t get an editor to look at any proposals, I wanted to quit. But the Spirit of the Lord told me to keep at it. I did. Even when the hope of getting published again looked grim. I decided I would always write, even if it was just to fill the well. But I kept the dream and God’s promise tucked in my heart and suddenly, I began to sell projects again. I have seven published books, two new books will be released this summer and I’m currently working on number ten.

Did I have any idea God had this destiny planned for me? No. I thought I’d be in the dental field my entire life. But once the writing fever took hold, I prayed about it. Asked God to help me with my talent and to open doors. Persistence, faith and a strong dose of stubbornness made my dream come true. If I can do it, you most certainly can.

Seek God. Put yourself out there. And soon, you’ll have your own success story to tell.

Look for Tara’s 2014 releases:
Rival Hearts, Quilts of Love, June 2014
Magnolia Bride, Harlequin Heartwarming, July 2014

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