Great Escapes by Elizabeth Goddard

In previous posts, I’ve often written about reading as an escape. Years ago, I read as much nonfiction as fiction. Self-help books, mostly. But these days I’m all about writing and reading fiction. The last few weeks, several family members have been dealing with serious health issues and I feel like my family is under attack. I have never needed an escape more, and as a result I’ve read more books recently than I have in the last few years.  Some for endorsement, others for pleasure, and then there are those authors I read to learn more about writing in my genre.

I have never started a book that I didn’t finish, that is, until recently. Maybe that’s because in the past, once I checked out that library book or I bought or borrowed the book, I didn’t have easy access to hundreds of other books that were calling to me. That’s a warning to authors that you’d better draw the reader in and quickly. Now, if I’m not drawn in with the writing or the premise, I have too many other choices.

That said, here are a few of the unforgettable books I’ve read over the last few weeks.

season of changeA Season of Change by Lynette Sowell

This is an Amish story, yes, but a different kind of Amish story set in an unusually place. It’s the first Amish book I’ve read in twenty years. That’s right, I don’t usually read Amish, but this author has a way of pulling you in with not only her voice, but with her storytelling. Natalie is a circus worker looking for answers to her past in the Amish community. See what I mean?

Healer of Carthage by Lynne GentryHOCbook

Lynne Gentry is one amazing writer, her voice and writing steps above others—but she’s also created a story like no other. A time-travel—sending a doctor to the Roman past, and you can count on the research. This story was a thrilling, historical and romantic ride. Like all my favorite genres woven together.


 Stress Test by Richard Mabry

I haven’t read Mabry before, but now I plan to read all his novels. He writes medical romantic thrillers, and he knows his stuff. I love the fast-pace of his novels, and the medical details. The romance is second to the suspense plot and that’s fine by me. I look forward to his upcoming release, Critical Condition.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my recommendation for great escapes.


Elizabeth Goddard

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