A True Hero By Hannah Alexander about Diann and Jim Hunt


Let me tell you about a friend of mine. Her loving, stalwart and amazingly blessed husband is kissing her in this picture. Her name is Diann Hunt, and if you love to read romantic comedy, you’ve likely read her work. In fact, one of her wonderful novels is being made into a movie. Watch for it late next spring or early summer. For Better or For Worse. Look for her blog at http://www.diannhunt.com You’ll be powerfully touched by her honest, loving, often hilarious words.

Today, Tuesday, December 3, her funeral is being held in her hometown, where I know the place will be packed with those who have been touched by her kindness. I know we’re always saying good things about those who have left loved ones behind. I can truly say that I’ve seen Diann grow spiritually in a powerful way as she has fought the hideous evil of ovarian cancer for years, and believe me, she was a powerful force for Christ before this cancer hit, possibly because before this, she battled leukemia. Oh, yeah, Diann’s been hit hard in the last decade of her life. During that time, she has drawn so close to God that her written words have reached out and touched many hearts with great power, as if spoken by the Holy Spirit.

Now that I’ve introduced you, please get to know Diann for yourself. And please, this morning if you think about it, and in the coming days, would you spare a prayer for the family and friends who loved her? We’ve lost a true daughter of God. We know without a doubt she’s in a happier place, and I can almost hear her laughter from here. Please pray for those left behind. She is past the need for our prayers.



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21 Responses to A True Hero By Hannah Alexander about Diann and Jim Hunt

  1. Jackie Smith says:

    Oh, yes, how we all loved Diann!! I knew her through GWO….she was a jewel! I ordered her book that will be made into a movie……to have a keepsake of her!
    Yes, we will all miss her, but so glad she is free of the pain. Praying for her family…and friends!


  2. Yes, Jackie, you were a dear and fun friend on our GirlsWriteOut blog. Thank you for being part of it, and thank you for your prayers.


  3. juliearduini says:

    I loved her books, but I love even more that people are remembering her first for her heart. It was obvious she was 100% all in for Jesus, and even now she continues to point the way with things her husband is sharing that she wrote, or things she asked others to say once gone. My heart has been heavy for those that were blessed to know and love her, and my prayers for them, and you continue. (((hugs)))


  4. Love your books. Sorry for your loss.


  5. Beth Kern says:

    Oh how I love her books. Prayers for her family and friends.


  6. worthy2read says:

    Prayed and wept with you during this Homecoming. My dear mother lost her battle with cancer in late October, so grief is a close friend right now.



  7. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the post about Diann. I know she is in a happy pain free place. I know she’ll be missed by her family and friends and also by her readers. We will miss her voice


  8. I didn’t know Diane nor do I have one of her books, but from all I have heard she was wonderful Christian lady and a great author. Maxie


  9. Prayers for Diann’s family and friends.


  10. Susan Manchester says:

    Hannah, thank you so much for this inspiring eulogy, and the information about Jim Hunt, and his faithfulness, which made me want to weep, and kneel and lift praise to God. I didn’t know Diann very well, but I followed her journey toward Heaven, though Colleen and CaringBridge, and I read several of her books, and you are so right about the way her books and her life showed a depth of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


  11. Theresa R. says:

    Prayer’s for Diann’s family. May God bless them and forever hold them in His loving arms.


  12. I so admired Diann and I’m looking forward to the movie For Better or For Worse. I hope her husband is healing and has lots of family for support. Prayers for him.


  13. My church library has some of DiAnn’s books, and I have enjoyed reading them. I was not aware of her passing. This is the first time I have been on this site, but it won’t be my last.


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