Small Miracles

I was thinking on what to write for my post and then, when I saw Tara’s post below, it seemed like a confirmation. I had considered the same exact verse to go along with my post. I love it when that happens! 

Here is the scripture I’m referring to: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth muchJames 5:16

Last week, while visiting at my mom’s, my daughter’s fiance left his car keys. Since my daughter was driving, he didn’t notice until she’d taken him home nearly an hour away. We finished up dinner, then began the frantic search while she drove him back. When the search revealed nothing, we started cleaning and vacuuming—you know how it is. You find stuff you thought long gone when you do serious cleaning.

Or maybe that’s just me.

We had already prayed that the keys would show up. I always pray when I misplace something. Don’t you? But an hour later, we still hadn’t found his keys and he was due at work. When they finally arrived back at Mom’s, the search started all over again in the same places we had already looked. Behind and underneath furniture and the cushions. Shelves, counters, and even in the refrigerator. Ha! I’m guilty of putting things in the strangest of places.

But after another half hour—nothing.

We went outside and searched the grass and even look through some of the garbage to make sure the keys hadn’t been thrown out with something else. Yuck.

Finally, I tugged one of my sons aside and asked him to pray with me. You know, really pray. A serious, heartfelt prayer—and I reminded him about the fervent prayer of a righteous man.  Within five minutes my youngest son yelled that he’d spotted something.

He’d donned his spelunker cap and looked under the furniture with his light–furniture we’d already lifted up and searched. But we did it again.

And this time, with the light shining, we realized there was something INSIDE the sofa behind the batting. (or whatever you call the underpinning of a sofa) We cut a slit in the material and voila—there INSIDE the sofa was the wallet along with my son’s long lost copy of THE TWO TOWERS. (he was ecstatic!)

I think I screamed. To my way of thinking, that was a small miracle. The wallet was inside the sofa. Obviously it had somehow worked its way down, not magically appeared, but this is a fairly new leather sofa and. . . honestly? We would NEVER have looked inside like that. Who would?

Maybe I should cut open all my furniture to see what’s inside. In fact, I’m in possession of my grandmother’s antique sofa that is at least sixty-five years old. I wonder what secret items found their way beneath the cushions and deep down inside, away from curious eyes?

The point, of course, is that fervent prayer really does work, and I’m certain that without that prayer, we would never have found the wallet.

Thank you, God.


Elizabeth Goddard



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1 Response to Small Miracles

  1. tararandel says:

    Your story proves that God does hear and answer our prayers. No matter the need, He is faithful!


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