Don’t Make Me Cry by Elizabeth Goddard

When I’m reading a good book, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to cry.

Except isn’t that the sign that a book is good? When the tears come on? Don’t misunderstand, I still want a good book to bring on the emotions and even stay with me for days and weeks after I’ve finished. I want a story that takes me places I’ve never been—physically and spiritually. But with so much tragedy and violence and murder in the news every day, with so much real life bringing me down, I need a novel that will help me escape.  Remember the old Calgon commercials? Take Me Away!  

But don’t make me cry unless it’s a good, happy cry that I can embrace. I’ve started my share of Christian novels that I’m sure have a wonderful, redemptive message if I could get to the end—but there are some scenarios that I don’t want to live through with the character. 

Over the last several years there have been quite a few movies that don’t end well. You know what I mean—and I’m left depressed and wishing I hadn’t watched the movie.

Call me an escapist.

Am I alone?

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