Maybe I Don’t Hate My Kindle by James L. Rubart

I never hated it. I just didn’t like giving up the tactile sensation of feeling a book in my fingers. Being able to turn back ten pages in a blink, not a series of clicks. I liked being able to set a new friend on my bookshelf and know they’re there.


BUT … having been on the road for most of the past three weeks, I’m giving a bit of room in my heart for the big K. And that’s one of the selling points, isn’t it? The big K is actually quite small and yet can hold thousands of books.

I like that I can highlight sections that impact me, and access those lines (and only those lines) much faster than I could access them by pawing through the physical book.

And yet … sales of e-books are slowing down. It appears they’re not going to take over the world.

How ’bout you? Are you reading more or less e-books these days? If you weren’t quite sold on e-books, are you embracing e-books more or still resistant? If you were an early adopter are you more convinced than ever, or have you pulled back a bit?

About James L. Rubart

Husband, Dad, Author, Speaker
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