Where Do We Get Ideas? by Elizabeth Goddard

IMG_1042Novelists often get ideas from what intrigues us.

We’re all different, so what intrigues me will be different than what catches your interest. As a novelist, I hope I find an audience—a group of people with whom my stories resonate—preferably a substantial group of people who are intrigued by the same things. More sales means I can write more books. But that’s another story.

Nature settings intrigue me most, and I usually find a place where I’d love to set a story and the novel idea (plot and characters) unfolds from there.

I’ve set novels at Crater Lake in Oregon (though the name was changed), in the Oregon high desert (Oregon Outback), and I have a three book series set in the coastal redwoods of Northern California. If I listed all my novels here you could see I favor the Pacific Northwest for settings, though I’m a Texan through and through. I lived a few years in Oregon, though, and fell in love with that region of the country.

I have a new book releasing in September that I’ve wanted to write for a while. It’s allIMG_1132 about hot-air balloons. I love balloons, and I’m enthralled with the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. I’m so glad I had the privilege of setting a novel there, giving me a chance to write a balloon story called LOVE IN THE AIR.

So how do you feel about hot-air balloons? Do you have a balloon story to share?

What settings intrigue you?


LoveintheAir (506x800)Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of Riptide, North Dakota Weddings and Love in the Air. You can find out more by visiting her website: http://elizabethgoddard.com

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1 Response to Where Do We Get Ideas? by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. juliearduini says:

    Like you, nature is my writing inspiration. I look forward to reading Love in the Air.


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