Tone and Style

I once read a review of my books where the reviewer stated that my books were light reads. I took that as a complement, even though I suspect the reviewer did not mean it that way. Honestly, I write lighter stories for a reason. I feel that is where my voice is the strongest. But more importantly, in a time when no one wants to watch the news and hear bad news and worry about the latest catastrophes going on around the world, I want to give the reader a few hours of escape in light-hearted book.

Readers have plenty of choices. Romance. Suspense. Thriller. Science Fiction. Fantasy. Non-fiction. Christian or secular. As a voracious reader, I’ve probably picked up books in all those mentioned genres. And as much as I love anything with deep content, I still enjoy a chuckle and a feel-good sigh when I close the book.

We writers have a style. It is inherent to who we are. And that’s what makes such a wide choice of books for readers. What compels one writer to come up with one story line is vastly different than another. Is it a deep spiritual message? A story of redemption? Love conquering all? Humor in the midst of pain?

I’m so glad I get the opportunity not only to write books I love, but to also read and enjoy the many books written by authors who have a burning deep inside to tell their story. Whether published, an aspiring author or someone who writes for their own pleasure without following a path to publication, putting words together is an art form that is altogether satisfying and daunting. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

A light tone or deep subject matter, it doesn’t matter. We write from the heart with the gift God has given us and connect with many different readers in the process. So that got me wondering. What do you like to read? There is no right answer. Selecting books we like is a matter of personal taste and that is fine by me. Since I’m curious by nature, I’d like to know your favorite types of books.

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1 Response to Tone and Style

  1. I love any Christian romance but I prefer historical books the most. Light hearted reads that tickle my funny bone are always welcome and there are times I go through spells where that’s all I want to read. I love laughing. It makes my day brighter and I surely feel better after a good laugh or two. I don’t think there is a wrong type of book, I just think people have different tastes and need to satisfy themselves with whatever makes them feel good at that particular moment.


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