The Finished Manuscript by Tara Randel

There is nothing more rewarding to an author than sending the finished manuscript to the editor. After months of living in the world I’ve created, agonizing over word choices, scene placement, pace, creating believable characters, and reading the manuscript through a dozen times, I finally let it go. Sure, there is an editorial process that continues until the book is released, so there will be more work to do in the future, but the book is written. I get a break. For now.

So, do I go back to real life afterwards? Hardly. Just as soon as I send the finished project to my editor, I’m already thinking about my next story. But before diving in, I take a little break.

Whoever thinks the life of a writer is glamorous, keep reading!

First, I decompress. Writing is exhilarating, but exhausting work. Usually, sleeping in a couple days helps get my energy level back on track.

Next, I clean the house. Yikes. Time to sort through the accumulated clutter that collects about the last month before the deadline date. Then I need to go grocery shopping. What a crazy time for the family, but everyone survives.

Optional activity, yard work. This is actually nice, getting outside for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine I haven’t seen for months.

Activity not an option, catching up with friends. My friends and family are awesome, but I have to admit I miss them after months of working on a book. Believe it or not, I have them trained not to call me until after the deadline. Well, the last two weeks before submitting the manuscript anyway.

Once all the above is done, I start the next book. No rest for a storyteller. I may take a week to rest and catch up on life, but then I dive back in. New story. New characters. New adventure. I can’t wait!

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4 Responses to The Finished Manuscript by Tara Randel

  1. diannegsagan says:

    Tara, I’m right there with you. How true. It isn’t particularly glamorous but it is the life we love. 🙂


  2. I’m working on my first novel. Thanks for setting real expectations for me of life after finding a publisher and turning in the manuscript. 😉


  3. tararandel says:

    Thanks for your comments. Writing is truly a labor love. Good luck with the first novel. Enjoy every minute you work on it!


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