I Need Your Help by James L. Rubart

A friend of mine posed a question to a group of authors last week I think is intriguing. Why do we buy the books we buy? Or put another way, what is the path you take when buying a book?

He posits there are three phases before someone buys a book:

  • Stage One- Learning the book exists
  • Stage Two- Becoming interested in the book once you know it exists
  • Stage Three- The trigger that causes us to purchase the book

If you’d like to play, tell me the name of the last book you bought (not one of those free downloads) and what led you to buy it.


I’ll go first to show you what I mean: 

I was at a marketing seminar in Austin, TX in early April. While at the seminar, a guest speaker came and told about his journey of publishing. He showed his latest book, THE ONE THING, and explained the cover design and why they did the back cover copy the way they did it. It looked intriguing so I put it on my Wish List.

A few weeks later, my wife asked if I’d buy her a book. I went online to order it, and took a quick look at my Wish List. There at the top was THE ONE THING. I read a few reviews, liked what I saw and decided to order it.

Your turn, I’d love to hear from you!

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9 Responses to I Need Your Help by James L. Rubart

  1. Maureen Lang says:

    If I’m buying fiction, it’s either because the author is already a favorite, or the cover has attracted me first, at least enough to read the blurb on the back. I also depend on reviews – I like a mix, mostly good but at least a few so-so ones to convince me the readership is wider than just the author’s friends!

    I actually buy quite a bit of non-fiction as well, and I decide that by the subject matter first (checking through the table of contents for more details). Then I flip to the first few pages. If the writing is readable in a way I enjoy (nice flow, not stilted) then I buy.


  2. Natasha Metzler says:

    The last book I bought was Embracing Beauty, by Trina Holden. She is a fellow blogger and I actually received a free download of the ebook– I read a little bit and liked it, but I HATE reading ebooks.

    So, one day I was sitting there trying to read it and thought, “Good grief, I’m buying the print book.” Whalla. Ordered it.


  3. diannegsagan says:

    The genre draws my attention and then the title. I read the back cover blurb and if it sound interesting, if the characters grab my attention then I’m likely to purchase the book. I also purchase by author. When I find one I really like, then I read everything they write.


  4. Iola says:

    You’re going to hate me. I bought Hatteras Girl by Alice Wisler, because …
    It had a pretty cover.
    I know she’s a Christy-nominated author.
    I’ve been to Cape Hatteras.
    But mostly because it was on sale at my local Christian bookshop and I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I’m spending less there because I’m downloading ebooks (which meant it was about the only non-Amish novel in the shop I haven’t read).

    I’ve since paid for an ebook, but it was an on-sale advance purchase and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.


  5. juliearduini says:

    I purchased non fiction for my own growth and ministry. The first was Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. I knew I would want to read it, but the response to the book has been so positive I ordered it with the purpose of teaching it as a Bible study.

    I also ordered Chuck Pierce’s A Time to Prosper. He’s an author/leader that when he has a new release, I have to have it.


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