Gifts For Mom

This weekend is Mother’s Day. I always enjoy this weekend because I get to honor my mother and be honored as a mother. Because life goes by so quickly, I’m glad we have special days to remember those we love.

So what do you get Mom? Especially if she seems to have everything? Of course my first suggest is books. I know I can never have enough. A gift card to a book store comes to mind. Or how about an e-reader? There are more books than ever for readers to chose from.

There are the old standbys as well. Flowers. Coffee or tea baskets. Tickets to the movies. Going to a restaurant.

But what about something more…personal? My daughter just gave me the cutest gift. She took a piece of framed canvas and found a heart cut out to cover the center. Gathering up crayons, she took her hair blow dyer and melted the crayons, letting them drip over the canvas. She used multiple colors. The result resembled an abstract painting.

Once she removed the heat cutout, she wrote a personal note in the middle, but you could add anything from photographs, to a favorite scripture verse, to gluing small mementos to create a collage of favorite memories. Get creative and see what you come up with.

I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. Enjoy your family! And cherish any gift from your loved ones.

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2 Responses to Gifts For Mom

  1. Katrina says:

    Hi Tara, your daughter sounds so adorable. How old is she? I hope my daughter will do the same thing for me in the future (she is still too young now).


  2. tararandel says:

    My daughter is 21. Time sure flies by!


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