Words by Tara Randel

How often do we think about the words we say? Or read? We are bombarded with words from television, the internet, and books. Do we listen or tune them out? Do we take them to heart?

 As an author, I know that words have a very powerful impact in my life. I chose them carefully in my fiction. And I appreciate thoughtful words from the authors I read. To me, that’s the joy of reading. A wonderfully crafted sentence or the clever use of a word that makes me think.

 Some of my favorite words? Love. Compassion. Redeemed. Thankful.

 As a wife and mother, I know that words have power in the lives of our loved ones. Do we speak words of encouragement and love, or are we critical and judgmental? When we decided to have children, I wanted to speak life and encouragement to them. I made my husband promise me that he’d tell me when I veered from this. Apparently I did, because he reminded me of this. Once. Then I made a concerted effort to choose my words wisely. Not that I’m perfect, there are trying days when you regret things said, but for the most part, I’m glad I took that path. I have a wonderful relationship with my children. And, because I never shied away from using ‘big’ words around them, they have great vocabularies. I’m very proud of that.

 On the flip side, do we listen to other people? Really listen? Do we stop our stream of words long enough to hear what others have to say? So many folks talk, but have not learned the art of listening. Maybe as a society we get our clue from TV, with the over abundance of reality and news shows were everyone speaks over everyone else, or they don’t care what they say as long as they get five minutes of fame. Really, those types of shows wear me out. Sometimes I sit in the silence of my living room, enjoying no words at all.   

 Words are all around us. Books. Magazines. Newspapers. The radio. Sitting in a crowded coffee shops with multiple conversations all around us. It makes for a very interesting life.

 So here is an uplifting way to think about this topic.


  1. Try to use a new word every day.
  2. Make an effort to use positive words with family or friends. You never know what one mighty word can do to lift a person’s spirits.
  3. Listen. No matter how much you want to add to the topic, let the other person have their say. You never know, you might learn something new.

 Let me know some of your favorite words.

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2 Responses to Words by Tara Randel

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