The Verdict’s In On My Kindle and it Ain’t Good by James L. Rubart

I just got a Kindle and I’m not sold on it.

Am I too old? Maybe that’s the problem. But I don’t think so. I love technology.

The other day a friend was selling their Kindle (an older version) very inexpensively. Since I’d been trying to decide between the Kindle and the Nook I figured, “Why not? It’s cheap and I can see if an e-reader is going to work for me.”


Yes, it will work. If I’m flying and don’t want to haul any books with me I get the appeal. Anywhere else, forget it. It’s too much work.

Maybe it’s because I’m a visual person. I like to see all my books on my shelf at a glance. I like to be able mark a book up without having to take five minutes to highlight a section. I like to be able to find my books fast and when they’re all sitting in front of me I can do that.

My friend Randy now reads exclusively on his Kindle. Don’t get it.

Do you? Help me and explain what’s wrong with my brain. (For the Kindle! Not the other stuff!)

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2 Responses to The Verdict’s In On My Kindle and it Ain’t Good by James L. Rubart

  1. Maureen Lang says:

    I’m a Kindle fan, although for me it’s mainly for fiction. Non-fiction (research books) don’t work for me since I like flipping back and forth or skipping ahead, and I can’t do that by topic as easily on an e-reader. I also don’t have the version you have pictured above; I have the original Kindle, and a Kindle Fire. My old Kindle has a single, long button all along the side to flip to the next page, so it’s easy, sometimes too easy, to flip ahead or back (although the back button is smaller). On my Fire, all of the book covers appear on a virtual bookshelf so I can see the covers and searches are easy; my old Kindle just lists the titles, so it’s not quite as satisfying. But the screen on my old Kindle is very easy on my eyes, so I enjoy reading from that. I still love print books, though, because I do enjoy holding them and seeing the covers which are so lovely, especially in the Christian market. There are also so many great deals for the Kindle that I’m really glad to take advantage of that! And for those times when I’m not reading, my Fire has a great selection of old movies and PBS series that can make a couple of hours pass very quickly!


  2. I have not yet gone the way of the Kindle, but I’ve downloaded some books onto my computer, kind of as a test run. I’m not crazy about it, either. Like you, Jim, I can totally see the benefits for people who travel a lot or read on the bus (subway, ferry, or train), but I like to cozy up with my books. I also like to see other people reading books. I enjoy sneaking a look at the covers of books being read by total strangers. Sneaking a look over their shoulder at their Kindle download would be a little creepy.


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