A Sense of Wonder by Kristen Heitzmann

After faith in God, I think the most important thing we can impart to our children–and maintain ourselves–is a sense of wonder. I was talking to my daughter yesterday who took her husband and tots to see the Steamboat Colorado Ice Castles.


They spent hours in what could have been a five minute pass-through, talking with the creators about how it was formed, looking into every nook and cranny, thinking what this part and that part looked like and thoroughly enjoying the spectacle, while another family–sadly–hustled through and said we paid all that for this?

It made me realize how big a part wonder plays in my life. You all know I’m enamored with the mountains, and what a blow our recent fire was and is. But even in the burn I’ve experienced fascination (okay obsession.)

Last weekend my brother and I took my mom to his place in Carlsbad CA. The ocean is another source of delight for me, though one I don’t experience often. I drank in the coastal view, the sunsets we took in each day we were there, the midday sparkle and crystalline splendor of the water’s surface.

I could have been content, but more than enjoying the view, I wanted to investigate. I went down to the low tide pools and touched the sticky anemone studded with tiny shells that curled in from the brush of my finger.


Observed the sea star posing:


And on the last day in La Jolla:Image

I am so amazed by God’s creation, but even more by the delight he created in our spirits to revel in the smallest details. Centuries ago Marcus Aurelius put it this way:

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”
― Marcus AureliusMeditations

Oh what a gift to dwell on the beauty of life. Or even more, to dwell in it. My prayer for today and every day is that all our moments will be wondrous.

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  1. How beautiful! Lovely lovely post.


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