This Cracked Me Up by James L. Rubart

For CRI love this guy. Why? I get this. I think he’s saying, “Why would I read a book on my Kindle if I can hold it in my hands?” Me too.

I”m not down on e-readers. I have Kindle and Nook on my iPhone. I have ’em on my laptop and desktop and I’m just about to buy a dedicated e-reader. I flew to San Jose and back the earlier part of this month and it would have been great to have 1,000 books at my finger tips.

But if I have a choice I’m still picking up a physical book every time.


About James L. Rubart

Husband, Dad, Author, Speaker
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3 Responses to This Cracked Me Up by James L. Rubart

  1. Susan Fryman says:

    This was funny. Yes I much prefer a physical book. I’ve resisted getting an e-reader. Someday I probably will, but like you my prefernce will always be the physical book. Blessings and thank you for sharing.


  2. Sorry, love my kindle. Sooo much easier on my hands and eyes.


  3. Mitzi says:

    Yes! Always–I find comfort in turning the pages.


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