Happy Valentine’s Day by Elizabeth Goddard

What are you doing on just the biggest romantic day of the year? I searched the statistics for Valentine’s Day and found some interesting stuff. The kind of things you’d imagine and expect, of course. Roses, cards and chocolates spending somewhere in the millions—the total Valentine’s Day spending in the billions.

One item that caught my attention on the spending list was the percentage of women who send themselves flowers.

Fifteen percent.

That percentage of women sending themselves flowers is not a small number. I have to wonder why send yourself flowers when you can spend that money on romantic reads. I mean, if you’re going to pretend, why not become engrossed in the whole story?

That brings me to my next questions. Romance with a happily ever after? Or a love story—Nicolas Sparks style—often with a tragic ending? Actually the last several of his stories/movies have had an HEA. There’s enough tragedy, enough of “real life” to go around, so I vote reading stories with a satisfying, happily ever after.

Make that a CHRISTIAN romance novel, and you truly can have a satisfying ending, because not only does the romance work out, the spiritual issues of the heart end well, too.

Why not dive into one of these romance novels, written by Christian authors who know what they’re doing? These a just a few on my large to-be-read list. Enjoy the day!

once-upon-a-prince-200x308 TWHN_Final_w End TakeAChanceOnMe_COV_FINAL



Elizabeth Goddard

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One Response to Happy Valentine’s Day by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. Susan Fryman says:

    I’m with you on the happily ever after. I don’t ever read or watch anything that doesn’t have a happy ending. My own personal life as well as the world in general has too much sadness. I feel much better with happy thoughts. I believe Tinker Bell tells us to think of happy thoughts. LOL. Great post today. Thank you and blessings, Susan Fryman


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