Have You Crashed Lately?

IMG_2628Here in Southwest Missouri we are prone to tornadoes, and though there is a specific season for that, we’ve had towns wiped out when it was totally not the season for tornadoes. Therefore we have designated shelters, lots of basements, storm watchers and wind-up weather radios. It’s a huge deal here.

One tornado sneaked in on us a couple of years ago and destroyed the local Pizza Hut and nearly missed the apartment complex where my mother lived, only three blocks away. We had no warning. Ten years ago our town was destroyed on May 4 except for four buildings on  the main thoroughfare. We have our hidey-holes, believe me.

Today, however, I was caught off guard in a different way, which is why this post is later than I’d hoped. No tornadoes this time–not yet, anyway–but our internet/phone provider was apparently attacked and the main wiring was destroyed. It supplied the whole area of Southwest Missouri. Our clinic had no phones and no computers to treat patients, I had no access to internet, and no phones.

Mel and I are now discussing if we should have a backup system in place–perhaps with a different provider–so this doesn’t catch us off-guard again. I can miss posting a blog, but patients depend on their doctor to be up and running at any time, so Mel can’t afford to let his people down.

I read another blog today that impacted me, as well. I know we can’t live our lives in fear of attack, but do you take precautions when you’re driving at night to make sure no deer run out in front of you, ensure that you have working headlights and taillights, and if you stop somewhere at night, as mentioned on The Killing Zone blog, do you take precautions to protect yourself from attack? I was almost attacked once at night in the mall parking lot. I was just getting into my car when a man grabbed me and tried to shove me into my car so he could force me across the seat and he could follow. I screamed like a little girl and kept screaming, and the man ran away.

Do you have backups in place in case your primary system–any kind of system–fails you? I have only one primary source that never fails me, and that is Jesus Christ. For everything else, I need backup.



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I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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2 Responses to Have You Crashed Lately?

  1. My dearest in Christ,
    this is one area that so many have debated and argued over for many centuries – indeed since the days of Christ. Several parables of Jesus have been used to demonstrate the value or correctness of each viewpoint. Some even go to the record of rebuilding the temple when the priests carried weapons as they worked. Honesty I have mixed feelings and thoughts about personal safety. One one hand I think God expects us to do things to protect ourselves and out family and on the other I know (and believe) that I should trust in the Lord for all things. But, you know, we are never promised they our physical bodies are prevented from evil, damage, or destruction. In a way, then, I suppose it depends whether you are concerned about your physical ability to survive and continue to be with and protect your family, or if you are concerned with spiritual safety and assurance. Indeed this is an area we all struggle with on one level or another. The Apostle Paul talked about this same struggle not ever telling us which one he chose or felt was the most important because of the different reasons and purposes of each decision. My feeling is then, that we all should follow our conscience. And as we are advised in Psalm 23, do not stand in the way of the sinner, but allow them to make their own choices; while at the same time do not sit in the seat of the scornful, but be without comment to the decisions and actions of others. We cannot judge nor condemn others for what they do or believe. This is one of the main lessons Jesus taught and one that is evidenced throughout scripture. It is also something than we never seem to be able to do. If we had throughout history there would not be denominations and the church would be of one mind and purpose as the early churches were instructed and exhorted to do. There would also be almost no laws necessary except those already written in the Bible. God bless you and thank you for a wonderful and heart touching post.


    • Dear Dr. Rose,
      What a thoughtful comment. I agree that we struggle so often with how much we should protect ourselves from attack. I carry protection when I go hiking because there are wild animals of all kinds where I hike, which to me is simple logic. If a human were to attack me, I’m not sure what my response would be. Would I be willing to die for the soul of another human being who likely, in my logical process, is not headed for heaven? Or would I protect myself and stop someone from killing me? It’s a can of worms. I do wish there were no laws necessary except those already in the Bible.


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