Buying cheap books by Camy Tang

I have a sickness. I can’t stop buying cheap books.

I am uncontrollable. If I see a Nook Daily Find or a Kindle Daily Deal, I can’t stop myself from clicking to look at it, and if it’s a book I think I’d like to read, I’ll buy it because hey, it’s only $1.99 or $2.99!

Unfortunately, that adds up if I do that several times a week.

Even before ebooks, I was like this with print books. I’d love to go to garage sales and thrift stores looking for books that were all less than a buck each. You can’t beat a deal like that!

And that is how I ended up with 5,127 books. No, that is not a typo. I just looked it up on my book catalog program. 2,971 of those are ebooks. Granted, I got a lot of those ebooks for free, so I don’t feel quite that bad about that.

But that means I bought 2,156 print books! Some of those print books I got for free, but the majority of them I bought!

The numbers condemn me. I have a real problem! I didn’t really relate to the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella, but then I look at my library and realize that instead of silk scarves, I’m buying books!

I have tried the library but as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a real germophobic problem with used books, which has gotten worse the older I get. I usually end up thinking more about how the book smells or how tacky the cover feels is rather than enjoying the story.

So this year, I have a BUDGET. Yes, I just used the B-word. A certain amount I can spend each month on books, and that includes those nifty ebook deals.

Let’s hope it prevents my library from going over 6000 books anytime soon …


About Camy Tang/Camille Elliot

Camy writes romantic suspense as Camy Tang and Regency romance as USA Today bestselling author Camille Elliot. She is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads one of the Sunday worship teams. Visit her websites at and to read free short stories and subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.
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14 Responses to Buying cheap books by Camy Tang

  1. Maureen Lang says:

    You should meet my daughter! She’s just like you, right down to the germophobia. She keeps a log on her iPhone of all the books she has, both ebooks and print, because she’s been known to buy the same book twice, particularly if it has a new cover. Two years ago she read about 354 books – nearly a book a day (she has a 1 hour bus ride each way to work, an hour for lunch and her husband was traveling quite a bit that year so she read in the evenings, too). Now she’s an Amazon Vine reader so between that and publishers who have noticed how many reviews she’s posted that send her free books, she has more on the way all the time. I’d complain except she’s the best source I know when I need to borrow a good book. 🙂


    • camytang says:

      Your daughter is so awesome! I have a log of my books on my iPhone, too! I sync it with my computer so I have a list with me at all times and don’t buy duplicates!


  2. I feel your pain, Camy! I’ve never actually counted our books (I’m afraid to!) but let’s just say there are many, many bulging bookshelves in our house given the fact that both hubby and I have a book buying problem. Our favorite has always been library sales, although we aren’t library readers. (Our phobia has less to do with the germs and more to do with the fact that once we read it, it becomes “ours” and we don’t want to not own it!) We’d come away with bags and bags of books. Vacations? We search out bookstores! And our ereaders? Don’t get me started! We do tend toward that old adage: when I get a little money I buy books, if there’s anything left I buy food and clothing. 🙂


  3. I am the poster boy for buying cheap books. I buy boxes and boxes of them at a secondhand thrift bookstore called Booksale here in the Philippines. All of them are really great finds. I see these books being sold at a thousand pesos (around 25 US dollars) and see them at Booksale being sold at 100 pesos, a tenth of the price. Ha ha. Cheers! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. =)


  4. rethagroenewald says:

    You are not alone.


  5. gravesok says:

    Oh wow! I thought I was bad. I have over 200 books on my Kindle. And then stacks and stacks of “real” books in my “library” room. I still ask for Amazon gift cards and other bookstore gift cards. Every time I get a chance I go into a bookstore and usually find something to buy. It really is a sickness that I hope I never get over 🙂


  6. sarahssundry says:

    Good for you for instituting a budget Camy. I only allow myself to visit once per month because they have smokin’ deals that I am physically unable to walk away from! You are not alone! We should start a support group! Maybe there’s a book we can get to read through that will help us. I’ll just hop on and see…. wait…. it’s a trap! Must. Get. Away. Oh well, since I’m already there…. may as well buy some cheap books! Thanks Camy. 😉


  7. Susan Fryman says:

    I’m impressed. Books are a weakness we have too. Fortunately my hubby and I never go over budget. Some months we can buy more than other months. We constantly have a wish list of books we want if the library doesn’t have them. Love your books, Camy. Blessings.


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