Perfect Reading Weather by Elizabeth Goddard

vegetable stewLazy summer days or warm cozy evenings beside the fire. Which would you choose for enjoying a good read?

It’s been raining here for days, and our backyard is a lake. Though snow is a rare event in central Louisiana, I love gray skies, whether they bring rain or snow. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but my preference probably stems from the fact that I work from home and don’t have to drive in inclement weather.

How I love a rainy day, cold or not. To play up the ambiance brought on by this week’s weather, I tried a new vegetable stew recipe and baked a fresh loaf of bread—all good smells filling my home.

What better to go with a rainy day and good food than a good book?

I began my hunt for just the right one. When I couldn’t find anything to fit my mood in my over-sized TBR (to be read) pile or on the shelves, I started searching on my Kindle, and then finally went to the Kindle Store. We have so many choices these days! Seeing a few good candidates, I then downloaded reading samples.

Do you download and read samples before you buy?

I’ve mentioned reading samples before, and that it’s even more important for authors to catch readers’ attention quickly. But we should already know that. Even in a bookstore readers can peruse as far into a book as they want until they make that final decision to buy.

But I don’t want to waste a good rainy day trying on books to see if they fit. So I eventually settled on a romantic suspense by one of our very own Christians Read authors. As I write this article the rain is coming down  harder, and I’m looking forward to settling into a comfy chair with my bowl of stew, bread and my good book.

Have a blessed day!

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