Kindle or Nook? by James L. Rubart

I’m just about there … ready to pick up an e-reader. (Yeah, I know, I’m behind the times.)

I have the Nook app and the Kindle app on my computers and iPhone, but I don’t have the real McCoy yet.


So help me. Which one should it be? K or N? Or maybe it’s Kobo or even another.

I can read what the experts say, but I want to know what the ordinary people like me say.

So which one should I choose O fellow readers of various tomes? Inquiring Jim’s would like to know.

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Husband, Dad, Author, Speaker
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13 Responses to Kindle or Nook? by James L. Rubart

  1. I’m partial to the Kindle. I just recently got a Kindle Fire that I absolutely LOVE! I like the fact that Amazon has such a HUGE selection of books. There are also a couple of websites that you can get lists of daily FREE books from Amazon. The majority of the books I have gotten on my Kindle have been free.


  2. Just to add: I had bought my husband a laptop and he asked me to take it back thinking he would never use it. So then I insisted on getting him a Kindle Fire. It is the BEST investment I have ever gotten the man! He can go on the internet with it and play games etc. He enjoys it very much.


  3. Hubby had a nook. (Now he reads on his ipad). I have a kindle. (The regular e-ink kind). I love my kindle. And if he bought a dedicated ereader again, he said he would go with the kindle too. He found mine a bit more user friendly than his.


  4. Iola says:

    Kindle – Amazon has a greater selection of books, and more Christian freebies that other sites. I’ve not had a Nook, but I’ve had two Kobos (original and touch), and my Kindle Keyboard is better than both.

    Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire? That depends on whether you want a small tablet computer with a normal backlit screen that you can also read on (Fire) or a dedicated e-ink e-reader that won’t give you eyestrain. I’d vote for the e-ink device. Also, if you already have another tablet (like an iPad) then the Fire is just a smaller, cheaper version.


  5. I have both and couldn’t live without either one. I know that is no help. The costomer service at Barnes and Noble for the Nook is excellent, I had a problem and just went in to the store in Harrisonburg,VA. My Nook wouldn’t charge, they saw the problem, it was broken, didn’t have a warranty, but because I had only had it a little over a month, they gave me a rebuilt one and it works fine.

    I like the Kindle, because there are more choices and I can send PDF’s from authors and Blog Tour Promoters to it easier than to the Nook.

    Sorry I couldn’t help. I’m such an avid reader, I have to have one of each!


  6. Pam Hillman says:

    I have a Kindle Keyboard and love it. Actually, there are 3 Kindles on my account, and I just manage the account for my mother-in-law and my cousin in the nursing home. I might upgrade to a Kindle Fire, but just haven’t made the jump yet.


  7. Maureen Lang says:

    Oh! Oh! I vote for the Kindle Fire! I actually have the original Kindle as well, and it still works after all these years. I did need to replace the battery, but hey, that’s a great record if you ask me.

    When the Fire came out a couple of years ago, I bought one for the family. All I can say is it’s a good thing I still have my old Kindle for reading. We could be that family on the television commercial showing each one hiding when it’s their time with it, because there will usually be someone waiting to use it next.

    For reading, the Fire has a larger screen than my original Kindle. The Fire is backlit, though, so you’ll have to adjust the lighting so it won’t be hard on your eyes. My original Kindle isn’t backlit, so I have to read it with a light just like a regular book, but it’s so easy on the eyes and great out in the sunshine.

    However, for viewing movies or older television shows (if you like that kind of thing) the Fire is unbeatable. It’s a great picture, huge selection if you’re an Amazon Prime member (which is something like $75 a year but comes with free shipping on anything you order from them, without a minimum purchase). My son watched the entire Lost series and my husband enjoyed the old series West Wing. We almost never watch regular t.v. so it was interesting to see which shows were worthwhile – with no commercials. I enjoyed the entire first season of Downton Abby that way. And there are all kinds of older movies available – all with absolutely no charge if you have the Prime membership.

    Amazon’s customer service is also unbeatable, which is why they’re on their way to taking over the world. (I hope I’m just kidding on that.)

    As far as all the free books that are available – I watch for promotions from traditional publishers where the book is likely to have been a little more thoroughly edited, although there are a number of really good self-published books that run promos, too. It’s just that there are so many it’s hard to know which ones are worthwhile, and sometimes I trust a traditional publisher because I know their style. A lot of people (including myself) have more books in their Kindle cloud than they even know what to do with, so many go unread. 😦 But they’re there, so it’s my hope on one vacation or another I’ll find a book that once sounded interesting enough for me to download and discover it that way. Because, have I mentioned, I love my Kindle when I’m on vacation!

    Whew, this is no doubt much more than you wanted to hear but I could go on…


  8. If you haven’t shopped yet, here’s my slightly different thought: get a tablet. I opted for a 7-inch one rather than the bigger ones, for better portability. With both the Kindle and Kobo apps, I can buy wherever I like, whoever has the book at the better price, and I’m not stuck in one company’s format. The Kobo app lets me import books I’ve bought from Smashwords, which I can’t get the Kindle app to do even with the proper file format. And it seems that the Kobo app will import and read Kindle files if I download them first to the memory card.


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