Is Vicki Right or Wrong? by James L. Rubart

Was Vicki right in her post yesterday? She says you’re supposed to follow your bliss. Really?

Before I answer that, think about your bliss. What would you do with your time and life if $30,000,000 appeared in your bank account tomorrow? What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?

It sounds like Vicki is saying it’s okay to pursue those things.

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Hold on a moment. What about following what Jesus wants you to do instead of following your bliss? Think about that for a moment before reading any farther. Do you have that task in mind? The thing you know He wants you to do?

Here’s my fear: That the thing people want to do (their bliss) and the thing they feel they should (What Jesus is telling them to do) are very different.

That’s a problem.

Christianity has been infiltrated to a staggering degree by religion. A spirit of religion which says it’s impossible for what you love to do and what God’s purposes are you to be the same thing.

They can. They truly can. Passion never comes from duty. Passion comes from desire. And if we are to accomplish what God wants us to do on this earth, we need passion.

David was a man who was given the desires of his heart. (Psalm 34:7) But have you read what’s said about him in Acts 13:36? “… after David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors …”

Did you catch that? David DID THE WILL OF GOD.

His purposes and your desires are the same. He put them in you. He divinely designed you with specific loves and passions.

Yes, we can pervert those desires and let them crowd out God. But for the person who is fully surrendered to him, who has invited the Holy Spirit to dwell in the the holy of holys–the human heart–those passions burning inside you are from Him.

In this new year I encourage you (as Vicki did) to follow your bliss. He is there.


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2 Responses to Is Vicki Right or Wrong? by James L. Rubart

  1. Vicki Hinze says:

    Totally agree, Jim. If He wasn’t there, we wouldn’t find bliss there. When you love Him, He’s got to be front and center in your life, so bliss, contentment–they just can’t exist for a believer without him.

    Your post got me to thinking. Like you, I believe God instills us with desires and the gifts required to achieve our purpose, or the innate ability to gain the skills we need. I don’t believe that He would ever give us a passion without also giving us the ability to obtain it. Do you?

    We can corrupt, of course, or others who have authority over us can corrupt that in us (at least for a time), but I can’t see Him not making a way where we see none. I just wondered what your thinking is on that.


    • Passion without the ability? I believe it depends on our definition of “obtain.” If someone has a passion for writing, their definition of “obtain” might be to be traditionally published. Or sell a million copies of a self-published book. But I think that’s a wrong definition. I think our hearts matter much more than what is seen by the world as success.

      See, I think it all counts. In our human nature we wouldn’t consider someone giving a cup of cold water to someone else who is thirsty a significant act. But Jesus does. It all counts.

      We don’t think someone giving $1.50 to the building fund has done much “obtaining”. But Jesus said the women who put in two coins “obtained” far more than the others who put in thousands of dollars.

      The reality is some people are given more ability (see the parable of the talents) than others. And we tend to laud those who achieve more “success”. But Jesus doesn’t look on the outward result. He looks at the heart.

      Sorry for the rambling response. Suffice it to say anyone with a passion for anything can obtain massive success if they pursue it with their whole heart.


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