Give the Gift of Books

Like you, I’m busy catching up on shopping for Christmas as well as taking the time to remember what Christmas is about. In addition to all of that, I’m busy writing on two different books for approaching deadlines. The writer’s life is not to be envied. As Christian authors, we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into the stories that bring the message of Christ whether subtle or inherent.

The Bible is about HIS story, and Jesus himself told parables or stories in order to bring understanding to a deeper message.

Why not  give a gift that holds the deep messages of Christ and brings the recipient several hours of enjoyment along with that spiritual nugget?

Merry Christmas

Elizabeth Goddard


TreacherouSkies3Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of over a dozen romance novels. Treacherous Skies is her newest romantic suspense.

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2 Responses to Give the Gift of Books

  1. Susan Fryman says:

    I’ve always loved reading, but it’s just been in the past few months that I’ve realized since I’ve gotten to know authors better on FB what a trial and challenge writing can be. I think especially so for a committed Christian author. I’ve always thanked God daily for Christian authors and asked God to continue to inspire and bless them. I read Treacherous Skies and you did a marvelous job. Blessings, thank you and Merry Christmas, Susan Fryman


  2. Thanks, Susan. Yes we do work hard and I should have put there is a ton of prayer that goes into the writing process–that is, when you’re a Christian writer. Thanks for your encouragement and support. Have a Merry Christmas!


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