Making Sense of the Senseless by James L. Rubart

Has it been hard for you since Friday? Trying to make sense of the massacre?

Me too.

Our boys are 20 and 17, but moments ago they were in grade school and my mind skips a beat when I try to fathom what I would feel like if … well, you know.


I’ve cried. Prayed. All the things you’re doing and what much of the nation is doing.

So many people are shocked by this evil. But I wasn’t. Why? A blog post by author John Eldredge captured what I couldn’t put into words and explains my thoughts far better than I could say it. You’ll find it here.

After you read it, I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

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2 Responses to Making Sense of the Senseless by James L. Rubart

  1. Susan Fryman says:

    I agree. We shouldn’t be shocked, horrified yes, grieved yes, shocked no. The question is what to do about evil? Evil entered the world during the time of Adam and Eve, scripture tells us so. I honestly feel as a society we have provided a breeding ground for evil. I’m sure many think I’m old fashioned and that’s ok. We don’t place a value at all on human life or morality. This is reflected in our tv programming. Look at the things that become acceptable in society. One of my grandmothers used to always have a good rule of thumb. Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, how would you feel if Jesus showed up? Honestly, I wouldn’t want Jesus watching many of the TV programs on these days nor even the commercials. I’m not a perfect person, but I’m trying to make choices in my life based on this criteria. That’s why as of 1/1/13 we won’t have TV programming in our home, dvd’s that are clean and moral. The same with what I read. Look at the games and music that are listened to by folks including our youth. It’s nothing to kill and massacre in a video game. The lyrics to the songs wouldn’t be Christ approved either.

    In many cases we aren’t spending the time we should with our children. As a whole our society has become too busy to care about our fellow man. Yes, when tragedy strikes in a big way, there’s an outreach, but often it’s back to business as usual.

    Well, think I better be done for now. LOL Blessings, Susan Fryman


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