Your Opinon of Audio Books Please by James L. Rubart

When Brilliance Audio bought the rights to my first novel ROOMS, I asked if I could try out to be the narrator. They said, “Sure, send us a sample.”

I recorded the first chapter, sent it to them, and they hired me. And I’ve been fortunate to voice my other three novels as well.

This past Saturday my mom said, “I’m liking Soul’s Gate (my just released novel) even more hearing you read it.”


Do you agree? (Not about Soul’s Gate, about hearing a book read where a narrator can create character voices, use inflection, etc.)

I have a friend who only listens to audio books. He’s busy and his time to “read” is in the car on the way to work and back.

What about you? Do you like being read to? Is price a factor in your buying more audio books? If audio books were as inexpensive as e-books or DTBs (Dead Tree Books) would you buy more?

Talk to me. I’m listening.

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13 Responses to Your Opinon of Audio Books Please by James L. Rubart

  1. Susan Fryman says:

    Yes, I enjoy audio books. I like reading but when my eyes get too tired to read or I’m bedfast, audio books are great. I think it’s wonderful you got to be the narrator for your books. When we move I plan to stary buying audio books so I can read them frequently. I have certain authors works chosen that I would like to own. Blessings, Susan Fryman


  2. Sarah Goebel says:

    Hello James,
    Yes, I like audio books and I think they are great! I have a friend who is blind so she is so thankful for audio books! So, you are doing a double good deed have a novel in print and audio! I would like to hear more about how to do an audio book myself. She has been asking me for a year to do that with one of mine. Thanks James!


  3. drleyrose says:

    My dear friend,
    as always I’m sure your work is of the highest caliber and more entertaining than my imagination could conjure. You have a gift. Anyway, I do recommend audio books for many of my disabled veteran buddies and they are truly priceless to many of them. Although unable to utilize audio materials myself, all that can use the medium swear by it and say “it is better than sliced bread”. Coming from some of the world’s most critical critics, I would say that is top honors. Were I capable of listening I would be accumulating audio books instead of cluttering the house and workshop with hundreds of books. (Most of the books i receive [to review] are made from paper that comes from farmed trees – trees planted and grown expressly for the purpose of making wood and paper products) Anyway, rest assured that your accolades are perpetually repeated throughout much of the literary circles I frequent; in almost every case disabled folks have a much better opportunity than availed heretofore. I want to thank you personally and encourage the rapid widespread dissemination of this technology that blesses so many.
    — Dr Ley


  4. C. C. Gevry says:

    I enjoy audio books, too. Not only can I listen to them in the car, the narrator’s voice makes a big difference.


  5. Vicki Hinze says:

    I love audio books. They’re great in the car and when you just need to zone out. Sometimes, I listen to them on the computer when I’m doing web work or something where I don’t have to really think and I can focus on the story. Very enjoyable.


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