So much to be thankful for. I have a new addition to my family. My three granddaughters called me to come and look at rescued dogs. I wasn’t sure I wanted to care for a dog again. The last one I had was a miniature chow.

Okay…you may know more than I do about the miniature description. After I got the little black ball of fur with a purple tongue, and even named him Haiku after Japanese poetry, I took him to the vet and was told there’s no such thing as a miniature chow.

I was thankful for him anyway even though I could never see him in the dark, but he was quite visible in the snow. As he grew he began to take me for walks, then on runs as I held onto the leash and at times I felt I was flying around our loop. Great for getting rid of those extra calories!

After we had to let him go for several reasons; our downsizing, his personal problems, mood changes and his biting another dog, and frightening children, I thought my doggie days might be over. If ever I was to have one, he’d need to be small and basically an indoor dog.

So, when the grandchildren called, I thought I’d oblige by taking a look. Well, the moment I saw him, I feel in love. He’s a small bundle of fluffy white and cream fur—a beautiful Pomeranian and I knew he was mine. He’s a beautiful Pomeranian, two-years-old, well behaved, and wants to be near me all the time. His name is Bandit. I didn’t think I cared for the name until my family discussed it and tried out several names. Many of us liked the name Fairfax (named after the hero in my current novel). Until, my daughter said she liked Bandit and it suited him because he stole my heart.

She was right. His name is Bandit.

He’s a special Thanksgiving treat this year. But more than that, I’m thankful all the time for my family, and that we pause from our busy lives and get together on special occasions set aside on our calendars. We ate turkey and all the trimmings, went shopping the day after for discounted Christmas presents, laughed and talked, and appreciated each other.

I’ve lost family members and am particularly thankful for the ones I still have. When they’re busy getting on with their lives, I’m thankful for the times we’ve had together. Today I’m thankful for Bandit who is right here beside me. And beyond that, I am thankful for the Lord Jesus who has saved my soul, my life, and I’m thankful for God who loves me, enabling me to have a heart filled with love for him and his blessings.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving season and wish you a thankful every day life.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.”
– I Chronicles 16:3

About yvon63

Yvonne, with 73 books to her credit, is an award-winning, best-selling author of 57 novels with more than 3,000,000 books in print. Her work has been published throughout the US and in Germany, Holland, and Norway. Yvonne loves to read in many genres, so she writes for readers of Romance, Women’s Fiction, Christian Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Young Adult, Biblical times and stories including suspense, humor, true events and thought-provoking plots with intriguing characters. She lives in panoramic western North Carolina with her Pomeranian, Rigel.
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3 Responses to HE STOLE MY HEART

  1. Yvonne, if you can find a way, could you post a picture? I know it’s really hard for me to post photos on this blogsite, but I’d so love to see Bandit! Bless you this holiday season, dear friend.


  2. yvon63y says:

    I’m not adept with posting photos, but I will try real soon. I’m taking him to the vet next week to make sure all is well. Then I’ll give him his bath and beauty treatment. Maybe get some reindeer ears for him to wear for Christmas. Nah! Just a blinking light necklace. Will post pictures later on.


  3. Yvonne, that is so sweet! I can relate. I have a black standard poodle, now four years old. He is so loveable and he is hysterical at times so he brings lots of laughter into our homes. And, yes, so much to be thankful for — Christ, our families, our friends, our pets, and every good thing in our lives! Happy Thanksgiving Season to you too and to everyone reading!


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