This Cracked Me Up by James L. Rubart

As novelists we strive to craft words and stories that stir emotions in our readers. One guidelines we all use to make this happen is to avoid clichés. Clichés dumb down writing, bore people, and tell our readers we didn’t put a great deal of effort into being original.

How ’bout you? Even if you’re not a writer I bet you’ve fallen into the world of cliché when choosing  words to describe your Christianity. Click on the image below–it will take you to the vid–and let me know if I’m right. (Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video in my post.)


So did you laugh? Why? Because you heard phrases that roll off your own tongue with more than a little frequency?

What do you think non-Christians would think of this kind of lingo?

And finally, do you have a burden for any phrases you’d like to add to the list? (Yes indeed you astute reader you, I did just slip one of own most hated phrases.)

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4 Responses to This Cracked Me Up by James L. Rubart

  1. ediemelson says:

    I’m not sure which phrases bother me most, but I’ll pray about it and get back with you!


  2. That spoke truth into my life and I’m feeling convicted that I should be more relevant with the people God has brought into my life. Really seeking the Lord about changing my methodology but not my message…


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