It’s a New Day–by Hannah Alexander



   I wish I did this every day, but when I think about it, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is thank God for another day. I love mornings when I wake up at just the right time without the help of an alarm clock. Being a full-time novelist without children in the home, I have this luxury. The decisions that come directly after that important prayer impacts everything that happens each day.

First of all, do I allow my email OCD to control me the whole day, or do I choose certain times during the day to address those in the outside world? Do I, instead, read some passages from the Bible and give the day to God? Even if I do this, it doesn’t mean I’m wise enough to let Him keep the day. I have a bad tendency to grab it back when things aren’t going the way I expect them to. Bad idea, I know, but still, it’s what I do.

Now that Mel and I are building that clinic in town, I’m not spending the time I need to on my writing. So even though the only income I bring to the family comes from my writing, I find myself doing anything but. Do you find yourself doing this, as well? It seems that the busy-ness of the day takes precedence over the vital business of the day. Please tell me you’ve struggled with this. It’s so easy to use the excuse that there were necessary to things to complete, but is that what I’ll tell my editor when I don’t meet deadline? Is that what I’ll tell God, Who has called me to write, when I meet Him face to face on judgment day? “Oh, sorry, Lord, I know you wanted me to write that novel, but I just had to make these decisions for the clinic first…yes, I know I could have had someone else do that, but it seemed so urgent at the time.”

Sometimes we let the day decide for us. But we can’t afford to do that anymore. What is your calling from God? Choose one or two, maybe three if you’re a superhero, and release the rest. Do what you’re called to do, exercise your spiritual gifts, and leave the other vital things for the person called by God to do them. That’s what I plan to do in the days to come. Will you join me?


About alexanderhodde

I love to write, I love to read (in that order) and I love to hike. My husband loves to fly remote control model airplanes, when he can get them into the air.
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