Looking Down the Barrel of the Empty Nest Gun by James L. Rubart

If you’re an empty nester, or are soon to be, has your behavior changed because of this?

My oldest son, Taylor started his second year of college a few weeks back. Our younger son, Micah is buried in his junior year of high school with a number of honors and AP classes. Plus he’s ultra-social (no idea where he got that from) so Darci and I hanging out in the domicile just the two of us quite a bit these days.

  • The good news: Even after 26 years of marriage we’re still madly in love.
  • The bad: Our sons are outstanding and we love having them around. So the dwindling time together as a family is hard.
  • The good: Darci has never been a reader of fiction. Over the past five years she’s read four novels. Three of them have been mine. But now she’s decided to start reading fiction. Sorry for the pun, but she says it’s time for a new chapter in her life—which means diving into novels.

Your turn.

Has the empty nest syndrome made you read more? Or do something else you’ve never had time for? Hike? Bicycle? Take a cooking class? Travel? Read non-fiction (I’ve heard that’s what they call books that aren’t made up.)

About James L. Rubart

Husband, Dad, Author, Speaker
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2 Responses to Looking Down the Barrel of the Empty Nest Gun by James L. Rubart

  1. Kathy Eberly says:

    I find that with the nest empty I do find time to read more than I did before. I also find more time to write which I didn’t have time to do while my children were growing up.


  2. We’re more prone to hop in the truck for a road trip, walk in the park, a jaunt by Sonic. We eat out more than we did, since we *must* spend the money saved in the water bill somewhere. Sometimes we wistfully look at couples with young children and their 3-ring circus, but we’ve done that already. Now it’s time for “us.” When our schedule allows, we look forward to going on some short-term missions trips.


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