Renewal by Kristen Heitzmann

I am constantly amazed by renewal. After the fire that so deeply impacted my community and me personally, I’m seeing signs of life where no life looked possible. Green shoots and leaves thrusting up through blackened ground. I see crews who worked to stop disaster, now tenderly working to restore order. Helicopters that ceaselessly dropped bucket after bucket of water on flames too difficult to reach on foot now drop straw and wood chips on barren ground to hold back the rains that–please God–may come. Building back what was torn down.

Some days ago, my mom had a catastrophic failure of her septic system. At 81 and weighing about that, she had no strength to deal with it, so I went in for the initial inspection–I’ll save you the details and suffice it to say, I never need to experience that again. Did I mention she’s a “saver”? I called in the emergency troops, who were likewise amazed by the scope of the project. We have since learned that every affected part, walls, flooring etc. contains asbestos, so it’s like that scene in E.T. with the space suits and plastic.

I brought my mom to my house the first night where she insisted, “Surely she’d be home by morning. She had so much to do at home.” I assured her there was nothing she could do, since this would not require a mop, but a construction crew. Her gloom was palpable. But after feeding her a mouse sized dinner, I called her outside to the balcony to see something. For the next minutes, we witnessed an Oscar worthy performance in the sky, a cloud show of heavenly beauty.

I said, “Isn’t God amazing. He’s continuously showing off.”

She looked at me and said, “It sure puts my sewer problem in perspective.”

At first I thought, “Honey, you didn’t see your sewer problem.” But then I realized she was absolutely right. I could get that business taken care of, but could I make a cloud and light it up so spectacularly that thousands stood with their faces to heaven and exclaimed in awe and wonder? What glory.


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