How Do You Choose a Book? by Elizabeth Goddard

When you visit your local bookstore and browse the books, what are you looking for? What catches your attention—the author’s name, the cover art, or the back of the book blurb that tells you what the story is about.

Then if everything is right—the cover and the blurb intrigue you—do you open the book and read the first few pages to see if you’re hooked?

What about when you browse the books online at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles? Is the cover still important? Do you read the back cover copy and look at the reviews too?

Something new that I’ve been doing is downloading a free sample of the book. Then if I’m hooked by the time the free reading is over, I’ll most definitely buy.

The pressure is even greater now for authors to hook readers within the first few pages.  But there have been many books I’ve greatly enjoyed because I’ve pushed through the slow opening to be rewarded with a spectacular ending.

I’ve asked so many questions in this post because in this changing publishing world I have no answers. I’m curious about the changes in the way we decide what book we will buy.


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1 Response to How Do You Choose a Book? by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. Rachelle says:

    Sometimes I’m interested in a certain topic, so I look “best books about ____” lists. Then I go look up those books on Amazon and browse through the reviews. Reviews do have some influence on whether I decide to buy.


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