Morning Visit

One of my favorite places to write is on my front patio in the morning. I take my laptop, coffee, maybe a research tome or two, and settle in beside our landscaped creek. The sound of water, the scent of dewy grass, sunrise creeping on the mountain slopes just beyond the scrub oak act on my spirit like pure grace. Lord, what beauty! What joy You took in creation. How blessed and humbled I am to continue the story You began. As I open my documents to my work-in-progress, read back and settle into my tale, I’m aware of tiny bright yellow birds with black wings darting down from the oak branches to flutter playfully in the water. A hummingbird hovers a few feet away, checking me out before dipping into the throats of hanging basket flowers.  I put my head back down, shaping and moving a suspenseful scene when motion catches my eye. Oh joy! Visitors!








Aw, sweet darlings. Thank you for this tender moment. Now–back to angst and mayhem!

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2 Responses to Morning Visit

  1. Sarah Goebel says:

    Kristen, It sounds so heavenly! What a great place God has provided for you to stir up your creative mind for writing.


  2. Heavenly is the word!


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