Creature of Habit, or Loyal? By Julie Arduini

I thought I’d use today’s post to think out loud with . I’ve been thinking about NBC’s abrupt changes to The Today Show and how they handled dismissing co-anchor Ann Curry and bringing on Savannah Guthrie.

I’ve watched NBC morning news since the late 80’s. I remember getting ready for school and knowing how on time I was by the news programming before Today. Ann Curry delivered the news then, and I kept watching when she started announcing the news for Today.

Fast forward and it was the same thing. The Today Show was my clock against college classes, getting ready for work, newlywed days, and as a working, then stay-at-home mom. The mere thought of using another show? I couldn’t wrap my mind around such a thing.

When Ann said goodbye, so did I.
Image from Google/PopSugar

When Ann gave her farewell, I was upset for her. I love my news and in this reality television obsessed world, true journalism seems like an extinct field. She’s a true newswoman who offered information and compassion without bias. Steve Cupas, NBC  News President, justified letting her go from the co-anchor spot by saying she didn’t do well in cooking segments and celebrity interviews.  (Read here, if interested.) This news girl viewer has a pit in her stomach thinking that needing to be a pro at cooking segments means more than reporting on our country and world.

I decided right then I was done with that show. I’ve switched to GMA and like a new job, I’m trying to bond with these new people and how they do things, so I can apply it to my own schedule.

It got me thinking–did I make the switch out of loyalty to Ann Curry? Did I stay with The Today Show because I was a creature of habit? After all, I only like Colgate toothpaste. I always order the same Mexican (chicken chimichanga) and Chinese (chicken and broccoli) meals. I tend to read books by the same authors, rather than a bestseller list or recommendation.

What about you? Do you see yourself as a creature of habit, loyal, or are they the same?


About juliearduini

Julie Arduini loves to encourage readers to surrender the good, the bad, and ---maybe one day---the chocolate. She’s the author of ENTRUSTED: Surrendering the Present, as well as ENTANGLED: Surrendering the Past. The last book in the series, ENGAGED: Surrendering the Future, is coming soon. Her devotional, FINDING FREEDOM THROUGH SURRENDER, features the surrender themes and characters from the series. She also shares her story in the infertility devotional, A WALK IN THE VALLEY. She blogs every other Wednesday for Christians Read, and starting April 2017, will be part of the Inspy Romance blog. She resides in Ohio with her husband, two children, and secret chocolate stash. Learn more by visiting her at, where she invites readers to subscribe to her monthly newsletter full of resources and giveaway opportunities.
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14 Responses to Creature of Habit, or Loyal? By Julie Arduini

  1. I struggle with the same thing–about leaving the show because of loyalty and the way she was dismissed. I have always watched Today. You bring up good questions and make me think more about why I choose what I choose. I liked the dynamics on that show–that’s why I stayed. I don’t care for it as much anymore but finding another group is like finding a new best friend. It won’t be easy but will be worth it later.


  2. Tanya Dennis says:

    I don’t think they’re the same. Creatures of habit lack critical thinking about their choices. They’re on automatic pilot. Loyal creatures, however, are attached to something emotionally. It’s more than just a comfort zone; it’s an affection.

    That said, changes in environment can certainly cause habits to change. Our routines aren’t as comfortable if everything isn’t the same.

    I would hope I’m loyal more than just habitual.


    • juliearduini says:

      Absolutely, Tanya. At the end of the day I pray people would find me more loyal than habitual. I really appreciate your comment, it makes great sense.


  3. Wow, that’s a really good question? I had the same thing happen when they replaced Debra Norville with Katie Couric way back when. I think we just get comfortable sometimes, not that there’s anything wrong with that. As creatures of habit, we like knowing what to expect. However, some of us get bored with the usual and comfortable before others do. And those in the power to change things can and do make changes before we’re ready.


    • juliearduini says:

      I remember the Deborah Norville shake-up, too. As I recall Jane Pauley was in the Ann Curry role, and that Deborah was what many think Savannah will be. I agree, I can definitely get comfortable, and am not a big fan of change. I don’t like abrupt change most of all.


  4. Rachel Sides says:

    I still miss Jane Curtain and Tom Brokaw. I got rid of cable in Sept. 2008 and what I missed most was Robin Meade’s morning show on Headline News.


    • juliearduini says:

      I didn’t watch them, but I always liked Tom’s approach to news reporting. Like Ann, kept his opinions to himself and carried compassion through his work. Trust me, you are most likely doing the best of us all getting rid of cable. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


  5. tinamhunt says:

    Wow. This stirred up a bunch of thoughts in me. I found myself writing a whole blog post in response. Bottome line: why does it seem that we are considering habits pejoratively? Sure there are distructive and negative habits, but good ones at well that add discipline and order to our lives. Thinking about loyalty got me all fired up, so I’ll take that over to my own blog for now. Thanks for stirring the pot in my brain today. Blessings.


    • I was the same, volleying my thoughts back and forth. I kept the post on the short side compared to my thoughts because I’m still writing with a cast on my wrist, and wanted to hear from everyone else. I’m so glad you chimed in and feel as passionate about loyalty as I do. Blessings to you.


  6. I have always been a GMA viewer. As they have made changes, I have stuck with them because I continued to enjoy the show and I dislike change. Like you, I determine my favorite meal at a restaurant and always order it. Chicken and brocolli is the best Chinese dish, so why order anything else. I would have to say that I am a creature of habit. And that’s not always a bad thing–I have no intention of changing husbands ever. But, of course, God uses change to help us grow and become more Christlike. I am learning that I need to welcome and embrace those changes that God wants to make in my life.


    • I shared those words this week with my husband–I won’t appreciate a fajita, because I will always order the chimichanga. But, I encouraged him, I’ll always appreciate him because I’m not changing husbands. Like you said though, God will use change to make us more Christlike. You have so many excellent points. Thank you!


  7. Vicki says:

    For me, it’s decency. She was treated with a lack of respect that really gnawed at me. Prevailing opinion is that she was fired for ratings. Why just her? Did they ditch the entire staff? Crew? No. Apparently, just her. The unfairness in that grates at me. So she can’t cook or dazzle during cooking segments (I don’t like to cook either and avoid it whenever I can) but she had other gifts. Why was she required to be all to all in every area? Were all the others held to that same standard?

    I don’t know, Julie. Maybe I’m just cranky. Or maybe it’s that there’s just so much unfairness afoot now that I couldn’t bear to see one more go unchecked. If I’d watched, I’d have felt guilty. As if by condoning what had been done, I’d have to own it. I’ll pass on that. I own enough without deliberately taking on more.

    I’ve moved to full-time Fox. Hey, maybe they’ll hire her…


    • What makes me appreciate Ann Curry even more is she is staying with the network that so publicly humiliated and dismissed her. That’s why she is so silent, beyond her grace, is that she remains under contract. I’m a viewer and can’t watch the network, even willing to find the Olympics online where NBC ratings will not apply. If you’re cranky, we’re cranky together. 🙂


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