Book overload!

I’ve always believed that you can never have too many books. However, with the advent of the electronic reader and the recent ebook explosion, I’ve noticed that while I still have a good number of paper books, my “load” of ebooks is growing.

No, they don’t weigh anything and they don’t take up any literal space, but I see that my Kindle is packed with books, from mystery to romance to suspense to nonfiction and research related books.

I noticed the overload when I went to purchase a title online. I was informed by Amazon that I’d already purchased that one–over a year ago, thank you very much.

So, I’d had that book for a year and didn’t remember buying it?

Oh boy.

Maybe I’d better start clearing that pile.

But it’s an exciting time to be a writer and a reader. At last year’s ACFW conference in St. Louis, I attended a session by the then-publisher at Thomas Nelson. He said that publishers are now information suppliers. Books are still books, but not quite as we know them. He said that his company will supply the books (aka information) in any format possible that readers will want.

I call that moving with the times. I also call it a time for a book avalanche warning.

How do you keep track of what you’ve read and haven’t read? Do you have a system? Or are you like me, with that virtual pile and real pile of books surrounding you on every side?

– – – –

Lynette Sowell writes fiction for the inspirational market, from contemporary romance to mysteries. She’s always looking for the perfect recipe for a story–or a great dish–and is always up for a Texas road trip. Her next book The Sweetheart of Starlight releases through Heartsong Presents in August and spotlights Texas barbecue.

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2 Responses to Book overload!

  1. Marianne says:

    i am a readaholic and i too have books all over the place, bedroom,, living room, basement, kindle, kobo, computer. Although i read alot of books, i usually remember the ones i’ve already finished…i try not to read excerpt or first pages/chapters for this reason. If i do, i think i read the whole book when i get back to it. Thanks for a great post.


  2. I try to keep track by having different bookshelves, both real and virtual. In my house, I have a small bookshelf in my bedroom with physical books waiting to be read. (Yes, it is overflowing!) On my kindle, I archive anything I’ve read and while I keep most of the unread books in folders by genre, I don’t put ones I’ve paid full price for in a folder because if I’ve paid for them, I don’t want to forget to read them!


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