Which Book Would You Take To The Island?

Do you like conversation games? One of my favorites–especially when getting to know new friends–is to ask this question:

If you were going to be on a desert island for one year what CD, DVD, and book would you take with you? Since this blog is about reading, let’s focus on that aspect of the game.

It’s fun to ruminate on the question because it changes during different times in our lives.


At this moment I’d choose a novel I think never received the recognition or sales it should have. It’s called ARENA by Karen Hancock. Describing it as Pilgrims Progress meets The Matrix works pretty well.

I read ARENA when it first came out and was blown away by the power of the writing, the imagery, and the allegorical aspects as it relates to followers of Jesus. And I would enjoy reading it again.

Your turn. What book would you take to the island and why? (No, you can’t say the Bible.)

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2 Responses to Which Book Would You Take To The Island?

  1. Peter Wiebe says:

    LB Graham’s Binding of the Blade series. It pictures many aspects of the redemption story-sin, forgiveness, judgement, and renewal.


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