Comics-Yeah, I love ’em. You? by James L. Rubart

When people ask where my story ideas come from sometimes I say, “From too many comic books as a kid.” That response is a bit tongue in cheek, but only a bit.

I do get ideas from the comic books I devoured in my pre-teen years.  Even though there can be heavy doses of corn in comic books, the stories are also epic and contain universal themes that capture our imaginations. I see that eye roll, but they are and do.

Like The Avengers. Biggest weekend opening for a movie EVER. $200 million. Das ist big. (Yes, I’ve seen it. Yes, I loved it. )

What about you? If you’ve seen The Avengers did you like it? Did you read comics as a kid? Do you read them now?

And yes, I think reading comics counts as reading. Don’t laugh at me or the Hulk will smash you puny human.


About James L. Rubart

Husband, Dad, Author, Speaker
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