Finding Time To Read by James L. Rubart

I used to read for pleasure. A lot. It was one of my favorite things. (Insert Julie Andrews singing here–and you’re old enough to get that reference I love ya’!)

Yes, the dearth of reading comes from the time I now pour into writing, reading manuscripts for possible endorsement (which can certainly be fun at times, but it’s a different kind of reading) and a million different activities.

But if I’m honest, I let a lot of time get sucked way because of e-mail. I have this nagging belief I have to clean out my e-mail box every day. I made a resolution at the start of the year I wouldn’t let e-mail stack up again in ’12 like I did in ’11, ’10 … well, forever. I’m horrible at it and am currently about 3,000 e-mails behind.

It’s time to make a change. No, I’m not going into solitary till I can get caught up. I’m going to give myself the grace to say it’s okay to not answer every e-mail. And I’m going to take it a step further.

No e-mail on Sundays. And with that time I’m going to read. For me reading is soul food. And the beast is hungry. It refreshes me. Inspires me. Brings peace.

Do you feel that way? Have you fasted from e-mail? How did it go? What does reading do for you?


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3 Responses to Finding Time To Read by James L. Rubart

  1. I started separating emails into “necessary and work-related” and “I can read it in a few days.” The first group is to one email address, the others are to another email address that I check once a week. It took a little while to move over my emails to the other email address, I had to go through them one by one, switch my email preferences for groups and newsletters, but eventually I was able to keep my “necessary” email inbox down to about 25 emails a day. And if I don’t check the other email address for a couple weeks, not a big deal.


  2. jimrubart says:

    Camy, great tips! Appreciate it!


  3. vickihinze says:

    Jim, I too have separate email addresses. One for stuff I can’t or shouldn’t ignore and one I can and often do ignore. They come in so fast and there are so many of them. Hundreds and hundreds every day. I just can’t keep up with it all. I was giving myself ulcers so I just stopped trying.

    And I rarely look at email or do anything on Sunday anymore. I NEED that down time. We all do.


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