Read a Book: 10 Things That Go Well With a Good Book

I started reading THE HUNGER GAMES because several friends recommended it for the writing. I figured I should read it before seeing the movie because it would be difficult to invest the hours required to read if I already know what will happen.  This story is much different from my usual fare of romantic suspense, thrillers, and science fiction or fantasy offerings from the CBA (Christian Publishing) market.  However, I’m not going to review this story—there’s already plenty of those out there, right?

I wanted to enjoy this book. Really enjoy it. That got me thinking about what I can add to make the most of my book reading experience.

What goes well with a good book? Things that put you in your happy place.

  1. Drink: coffee/hot chocolate/tea—something to quench your thirst so you don’t have to get up, or something to make you feel all warm and happy.
  2. Snack: popcorn, chocolate, peanut M&M’s (my personal favorite) or other munchies.
  3. Ambiance: candles, mood music.
  4. Rainy day: Perfect for snuggling with a good book when you’re fortunate to have the time as well.
  5. Time—a full day with nothing to do but read is always nice. However, that’s a rare occasion so when I choose to read all day instead of attend to responsibilities, I’m called a literary abuser. Take the test to see if you need help: or visit the American Literature Abuse Society.
  6. A book stand: for when you’re tired of holding the book, you are walking on the treadmill or taking a hot bath.
  7. Comfy place to lounge: Could be a hot bath/bubble bath, your favorite chair or sofa.
  8. Snuggie: I don’t have one of these but I hear they go great with good books.
  9. Good lighting: Goes without saying. If you’re reading on an electronic device, you’ll naturally get this, but for me—all of the above goes best with:
  10. A real, hold-in-your-hands, printed book.

But that’s just me. I own plenty of ebooks and sometimes I even  have both versions of a book–ebook and hard copy. What are some of your favorite things to include in your reading experience?


Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of over a dozen romance novels, including a romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies—a 2011 Carol Award winner.  Elizabeth graduated with a B.S. degree in computer science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dreams of becoming an author.  A seventh generation Texan, she lives in East Texas with her husband and four children.

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2 Responses to Read a Book: 10 Things That Go Well With a Good Book

  1. vickihinze says:

    Okay, Beth. I love the list but I just have to ask. Did you like the book?


  2. bethrachg says:

    LOL Good one, Vicki! I will have to answer that in my next post! Maybe I did answer that somewhere, I can’t remember. I’ve read all three books now, so I will write about that next.


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