Where Are You At With E-books?

On Friday Camy asked where we’re at with e-books. I’d like to keep the convo going.

Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Somewhere in-between?

I’m a tweener. Here’s why:

I flew to Nashville at the end of February and I smiled at the thought of having all the books I needed to read on my iPhone. No heavy books to lug around in my briefcase. Hundreds to choose from. Simple to use.

But I did stick one book in my suitcase.

A 1992 copy of The Paradise War by Stephen Lawhead.

I started reading Lawhead in the early 80s and he quickly became a hero. I devoured every book he wrote and his writing was one reason I dreamed of being an author.

In Nashville Stephen I were at a conference together and he signed my book.

That novel will go on my shelf. I’ll glance at it from time to time. It will be a reminder of the time I spent with Stephen and his beautiful wife Alice.

Yes, huge advantages to e-books, I’m a fan. But you’ll never convince me they’ll completely replace books I can touch and hold and get heroes to sign.

E-books just ain’t gonna be able to do that for me.

How ‘bout you? Are there certain books you have to have in paper form? That you have to be able to look at? Which books are they and why?

Inquiring Jim’s want to know.

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12 Responses to Where Are You At With E-books?

  1. I’m a tweener too. I buy all of my most favorite books in paperback form even if I already have them on my Kindle. Have to have a copy to share and feel and smell. 🙂 Yes, I’m a little obsessed…


  2. Martha A. says:

    I have to have real books. An eBook is a good short term substitute, and great for travelings, but I don’t feel like I am really reading sometimes if I just read an eBook. If I really like the books when I read it as a eBook, I buy it in the real form!


  3. twinkletoes says:

    I’m in between. I love my Kindle. I love that I have gotten nearly 300 books for free for my Kindle that are mine forever, and can get more every day. I love that I can take my Kindle anywhere anytime and read whenever I want. No more lugging a 20 pound bag with me stuffed with books in case I run out of reading material.

    Except for one thing: I’m in seminary. Which means research papers – lots of them – and as far as I know, no one has quite figured out how to properly cite e-books in Turabian. So in that respect, I still love real books. I love going to my study and looking at the library of books we own. I love scouring the titles for just the right book to read, or to add to my paper. Researching is so much easier when I can grab a reference book and quickly look for what I need instead of scrolling through endless pages on my kindle or online.

    I also love having my favorite books on hand, to re-read my favorite parts, to feel the paper and smell the book as I’m reading. It adds to the experience. It is friendlier almost, I think. The Kindle is great, but sometimes it feel so sterile.

    So a tweener I shall be.


  4. I am definitely all for ebooks. I just don’t have the shelf space even for the special ones. The times I want an author’s autograph, I’ll usually have them autograph a bookmark instead, because the bookmark has their book cover on it and I can stick bookmarks in a photo album or binder or even frame them if I want.

    I really wish author trading cards would come out. Some romance authors had them circulating but I don’t think they’ve really caught on yet. You have a different trading card (actually I just did it on a business card through Vistaprint) for each book so people can collect the different cards for different books. You can autograph each card. And while the front has the cover of the book, the backside can have something fun about the book that you can’t find anywhere else, like a short blurb about a character. Heck, you can have several cards per book, with different characters on the backside.

    What do you say? Let’s start a trend!


  5. ccgevry says:

    Unless I am sure I want to own the book, I request e-copies for review. I simply don’t have the space. We have more full bookshelves than we have family members right now, and my office floor and cabinet is filled with paperbacks and hardcovers I haven’t read yet.

    That said, I definitely have collections. The Left Behind series, writing craft books, my Civil War collection, and my collections by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Louisa May Alcott. Some of these I’ve had since childhood, and I will not part with them.


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