The One Thing by Elizabeth Goddard

Remember the movie, City Slickers? I love the part where Curly tells Mitch that the secret of life is the one thing. When Mitch asks Curly what the one thing is, he simply answers, “That’s what you have to find out.”

Have you found your one thing for 2012?

I dreaded saying goodbye to 2011 because, as I’ve already mentioned on numerous occasions, time is passing by much too quickly.  Still a new year brings with it the promise of new beginnings. This year I went back to the old habit of writing out my goals—something I’ve done in years past that’s produced good results—but  in recent years I’ve been reacting to everything life has thrown at me.

One of the most important goals, I decided, is to slow time down, or take life at a much slower pace. After I’d written out all my goals for every area in my life, I was overwhelmed with how much I haven’t accomplished.  My goal sheet didn’t lend itself to getting rid of the busyness like I hoped.

I want to be Mary and not Martha. But how do I make that happen?

Another important goal is to read through the Bible with my children. Every year I start out with great intentions, but again I struggle when life gets busy. I wonder if I’m the only person who hasn’t been able to read through the Bible in a year, or however long it takes, with their family. I’m probably the only person to admit it.

This year I started again, listening to Bryan on Daily Audio Bible (so I have no excuses!) with my children, and my goal, my prayer, is that I can keep this one thing even if everything else I plan to do falls to the wayside. In the end, nothing else matters except our relationship with God, and if I let Him, He will redeem the time for me. Right?

All I need to do is consider how many hours I spend reading novels (or writing them)—I could have read the Bible through many times alone, and at least twice through with my children.  Looking at it that way puts everything into proper perspective.

I can hear the Lord saying, “Beth, Beth, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (from Luke 10:42)

May your Year be filled with many blessings!


Elizabeth Goddard is the award-winning author of nine contemporary romance novels, including a romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies—a 2011 Carol Award winner. Her upcoming release, Sheltering Love, releases in February 2012.

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One Response to The One Thing by Elizabeth Goddard

  1. That’s a good point, Beth! One thing…and you’re right about time passing. It’s good to focus on what really matters, “the big things”, and let the smaller things find room around those… Happy New Year!


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